DIY Jean Apron

Make an all-purpose jean apron out of an old pair of jeans.

This DIY jean apron is built to last.

Photo courtesy Carissa Bonham

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Of all the things you can do with an old pair of jeans, recycling them into a cute apron is perhaps the most perfect application. By design, the denim is rugged and durable — perfect for protecting your clothes while out in the garden or cooking on the grill. The fabric will hold up to continued use and washing as well. So make a cute apron with this tutorial from Carissa Bonham at Creative Green Living, and then have fun getting it dirty!

Carissa Bonham is a full-time mom and writer who lives just outside of Portland, Oregon. For additional craft projects, as well as recipes, gardening tips and more, visit her website, Creative Green Living.


3/28/2015 5:41:33 PM

Dear Carissa, Oh, my, that is the cutest thing I ever saw! What a great idea! You know how I love aprons (I have written about how to make an every day one without a pattern) so I am going to make one of these right away. As a matter of fact, these would make great Christmas gifts and since I love making all my gifts this is going to be one of my gift projects. Great story! - Renee