DIY Essential Oil Diffuser

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By Rebecca Sullivan | Sep 18, 2019

Photo by Nassima Rothacker

Diffusers remind me of super fancy bathrooms in really expensive restaurants. Well, guess what. This one costs under a fiver and you can make it smell like a real garden, not a fake and sickly coconuts on a beach kind of smell. Yuck. These are best made in small batches and used fresh.

Makes 1 diffuser


  • 4-8 ounces (125–250 milliliter) carrier oil (such as extra virgin, fractionated coconut, avocado, apricot or nut oil)
  • 20–40 drops of your chosen essential oil or a blend of essential oils of your choice (try lemon and orange,lavender and rose, rosemary and thyme, or lemon and cinnamon – the fun part is experimenting)
  • a pack of bamboo skewers (the ones you use for a barbecue)
  • an old jar or a small pretty vase or jug


  1. Depending on how big your chosen vessel is (an old jar or a small pretty vase or jug is perfect), cut the skewers to be double the length of the height of the vessel. Remove the spiky ends so they look fancy (and no longer like barbecue skewers).
  2. Pour in the carrier oil and blend in your favorite essential oils until it smells just the way you like it.
  3. Place a handful of the skewers in the vessel and leave them to soak for an hour. Remove the skewers, turn them upside down and return them to the vessel.
  4. Position the vessel in your favorite place to impress, and voilà. Turn the skewers every now and then and top up the scented oil as needed.

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Excerpted from The Art of Natural Cleaning by Rebecca Sullivan published by Kyle Books, 2018

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