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Little House In The Big Woods

Annie MillerThree years ago, my parents sold their home in town and bought acreage in the Maine woods. Since then they have worked overtime building their log cabin home after coming home each day from their full-time jobs.


Log Cabin House

The knotty pine boards were all sanded and varnished by hand, mostly by my mom. I especially am attracted to the variations of installment. The boards on some walls are wide and installed horizontally. On other walls, the boards are thin and installed diagonally. Still others are variegated, alternating wide and thin. It adds visual interest.

part of the log cabin's living room 

There are two lofts connected by a catwalk, one on each end of the cabin. These are used for extra storage space and guest rooms. I love waking up surrounded by the warm glow of the knotty pine and the forest view from the window. It is a lovely experience.

one of the loft bedrooms 

the catwalk connecting the loft bedrooms 

the view from the loft into the living room

the forest view from the loft

All the cabinets and built-ins were handmade by my dad; a lot of the furniture, too. My mom sewed most of the curtains covering the windows.

the kitchen in the log cabin 

the laundry center is part of the bathroom

My parents have three different heat sources: a wood stove, a pellet stove, and a kerosene monitor. During the coldest part of the winter, it takes at least two of these sources to stay warm. The third source is available should one of these become unusable due to one reason or another.

another view of the living room, showing the wood stove that is the cabin's heat source 

Outside, the children enjoy playing in the woods and sledding in the snow. Dad has chickens and until recently "three little piggies" named for my children. We enjoyed eating them while we have been here – the piggies, not my kids!

The one-car garage is used to store equipment and the upper level is a woodworking shop for my dad. He just finished making and installing the barn-style doors on the upper level.

barn-style doors on upper level 

My parents have worked hard to build this cozy home. Although it isn't completely finished, it is a lot more of a reality today then when we helped clear the wooded lot for a space to build. I love coming home to what we affectionately call the "Little House in the Big Woods."