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Double Yolks Explained

Emily GraceHow do double yolks happen? My mama’s hen, named Bobby Lou, laid a huge egg recently and set me to wondering how she did that. So, I contacted my blog friend, Lara, who works for Minnesota Poultry. She knows all sorts of cool things about turkeys and chickens.


 double yolk
I love getting together with blog friends and learning from them. Please join us!

Here’s what Lara said about double yolks:

“According to the American Egg Board, it’s the young hens who produce most of the double-yolked eggs because sometimes their egg production cycles are not yet completely synchronized. (Those crazy kids – trying to lay eggs willy nilly!)

rushed timing
Can you see the line where the timing got a little too rushed?

"However, it is true that older hens – the ones who produce the extra large eggs – might crank out a double-yolked egg, as well. (Young hens typically lay the smaller eggs and the older they get, the bigger their eggs get.) And I’ve heard that very occasionally, a hen might produce double-yolked eggs throughout her egg-laying career. (You go girl!)”

Thank you, Lara! For sure, a “You go girl!” is in order for Bobby Lou. Look at the size of the egg!

yolk equator
Six inches around its "equator."

yolk poles
Seven and three-quarter inches around its "poles." Wow!

After measuring the egg, I asked my Farmer to crack it for me. I don’t know where his egg cracking skills came from (I haven’t seen them in our kitchen ever!), but he sure enough did take care of the work one-handed!

cooking one handed
I can't help but smile at a good man cooking one handed.

the first yolk
There's the first yolk.

the second yolk
And there's the second yolk.

two happy yolks
Two happy yolks from the same shell!

Thanks for stopping by for a double yolk explanation!

Emily Grace

What kind of double yolk stories do you have to tell?