Perfect Grilled Potatoes

Grilled potatoes are a crowd pleaser.


These kabobs make a wholesome and delicious meal.

Courtesy Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers

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Cookouts provide the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family in the backyard for quality time to celebrate the season. When hosting, look to delicious, wholesome ingredients and recipes everyone will love. One great go-to food that never disappoints is the Wisconsin potato, and with five varieties to choose from, these hearty vegetables are easy to add to all your favorite dishes.

Get the facts about potatoes 

Wisconsin potatoes offer a variety of health benefits. In fact, one medium potato (5.3 ounces with skin) contains:

  • Only 110 calories, zero fat and no gluten
  • 45 percent of the daily value for vitamin C, 10 percent of B6, and 8 percent of fiber
  • As much or more potassium (620mg) as spinach, broccoli or a banana

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Know your varieties 

There are five different types of Wisconsin potatoes. Use this guide to purchase the right potato for your favorite dishes:

  • Russet: Best used for baked dishes, or when making French fries or mashed potatoes; available year-round.
  • Round white: Great for casseroles, gratins, soups, salads or roasted; available year-round.
  • Round red: Best boiled, steamed, roasted or served in salads; available late summer to early fall.
  • Yellow flesh: Can be baked, mashed or roasted; available from late summer to early spring.
  • Blue and purple: Great for baked dishes, microwaved or steamed; available in the fall.


Grilled Potato Kabobs With Lemon Herb Drizzle

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