Canning, Pickling & Freezing With Irma Harding

International Harvester’s spokeswoman Irma Harding has a recipe book that would be perfect for someone you know this holiday season.

Irma Harding Calendar

2015 Irma Harding calendars and modern vintage dishware are also available through Case IH.

Photo courtesy Case IH

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In 1947, International Harvester developed refrigerator and freezer lines, and at the same time created Irma Harding as the character spokeswoman to promote the products to U.S. farm women. With a persona that is deeply rooted in America’s rural history, the products Irma now represents invoke memories of all that was and still is good in American households and homemaking.

Now, Irma Harding® is back in the kitchen with the new recipe book Canning, Pickling & Freezing with Irma Harding, published by Octane Press.

Inside this softcover recipe book, Irma Harding leads readers through more than 250 pages of step-by-step instructions on preserving fresh foods. The recipe book explains the basics of canning, pickling and freezing, in addition to smoking and curing fresh fruits, vegetables and meats.

This recipe book is put together nicely, and it has something to offer everyone, from beginners to experienced canners. Anyone who preserves food would be happy to receive this recipe book for Christmas.

The book is available at Case IH dealers, on Case IH Hardware or through Octane Press.

Also be sure to check out the Irma Harding modern vintage dishware and the new 2015 calendar, available on Case IH Hardware.

To learn more about Irma Harding, visit the Irma Harding Tumblr.

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