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Art Oddities

My Field TripThe heat has been so bad lately I feel I’m trapped in the air conditioning. Finally, we had a little rain and a cold front come through
dropping the temperature to only 98, making the mornings bearable. That’s when I grabbed my camera and took a drive.

I was visiting a friend’s office one day last month when I saw one of their co-workers art project; a collection of staples formed into a crude dog shape. It was enough to spur my interest in finding other art oddities.  

dog staples two staple pile 

And I found some good ones: trees with delicate carvings, this one sits in front of a lawyer’s office.

legal tree 

At the entrance to a cemetery

  dove cemetery tree 

In my town someone came up with a great idea to the abandoned houses problem. We have a lot of houses that are out-of-state owned. They are usually purchased as rentals and used until they become unlivable. Until the city can make contact with those out-of-state owners and secure rights to tear them down they board up the doors and windows to keep out those who would use it for criminal activities. Instead of using plywood, they turn unsightly abandoned houses into works of art.

boarded up house 

 house of art 

Whenever that heat drops get out of the house! You might surprise yourself at what you find in your own backyard field trip.