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Gizmos may often take awhile to click

I had been a real curmudgeon about the whole idea of having cellular telephones that can take photos. Phones are for conversation, cameras are for taking photos. Period. That's it.

Then my phone buzzed one day, and a photo appeared that changed my opinion: My beautiful daughter holding out her hand, with a shiny new addition to her ring finger.

Her perfectly wonderful boyfriend had taken her on a hike in the mountains, spread out a picnic and proposed to her right out there in the Big Wide Open, where they spend their happiest times. Then, with his cell phone, he took photos of her, of them and of the ring, and hit the 'Send' button to all the appropriate parties - parents, siblings and friends.

Suddenly, photos on cell phones seemed like a pretty good idea to me.

It's that way with new technology, isn't it? We resist and resist because it seems frivolous or impractical, then we get a taste of what it can add to our lives, embrace it enthusiastically, and eventually can't imagine how we got along without this newfangled device or service.

I love my cell phone, an item many readers mentioned in this issue's Heart of the Home discussion. And my microwave oven is such a part of my daily life, it now has a name - Mr. Microwave, of course. Not imaginative, but familiar. But the technology I am most grateful for earliest in my day is that punctual little timer on my coffeepot.

Every night, my last acts of the day are to let my dog and cat out for their pre-bedtime break and to prepare the following morning's coffee. I set the timer and let the critters in, secure in the knowledge that they'll sleep through the night and I'll be greeted at 5 a.m. with the aroma of fresh coffee. My habit is to pour a cup, then sit on the porch and, as my dad used to say, 'Greet the newborn day' - at least until the weather gets too cold for comfort.

I have become very spoiled by this device, but I figure as luxuries go, it's fairly low impact. Simple minds, simple pleasures.

All the staff here at CAPPER'S wishes each of you a wonderful November, full of gratitude and good reasons to say thanks. We certainly are aware of our many blessings this year, and we count you among them.

K.C. Compton
Editor in Chief