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Sunrise, Sunset: A Love Story!

Mary ConleyDear friends,

At this point, you may want to stop and read an old blog of mine called Christmas at Mayo Clinic. It is about our oldest son, Perry, and this blog is also about him.

Perry is 51 and has never been married, but over the Christmas holidays, he met Kim on and they have been happily dating ever since. She is a doctor of pharmacy at Walgreen's and lives fairly close to us. We think she is delightful, and I asked her recently where she has been all these years!

Perry told us one afternoon that there is an excellent list, composed by high school students, of 100 things to do on dates. He said there were still a couple of things on the list that he and Kim hadn't done together: They hadn't watched a sunrise or a sunset. I knew they were planning on visiting our farm the first part of August, so I quickly interjected that we see the most beautiful sunrises right out our sliding glass door nearly every morning. Perry was already one step ahead of me and said that he would like to come out and watch one with Kim and then propose to her!

During the weeks before they came to our farm, we had a few cool overcast days. What if the clouds covered the sunrise while they were here? But then, probably nothing can dampen new love! We would just have to wait and see.

Well, when they arrived it had rained a little the night before, it was sprinkling when we went to bed, BUT, all was right the next morning, and they watched the sunrise together.

Oh, and she said, "Yes!"

next day's sunrise

The sunrise the following morning; neither day was spectacular, but pretty.

re-enactment of the proposal


the ring

The ring.

downtown for lunch to celebrate

We went out to lunch to celebrate.

on the swing

Playing on the swing before they left.

We've been amazed at how Perry and Kim seem so right for each other, and it has been a delight to watch. Having the engagement take place on our little farm was also special. This ol' house is making memories!

8/20/2014 12:26:21 PM

Mary, that's pretty special to have a memory like that at your farm. My daughter works at Walgreens just off of 180th and Dodge. Kim wouldn't happen to work there would she? I still say a prayer for Perry when I pass by Boys Town. ***** Have a great memory building day at the farm.

8/14/2014 11:19:30 AM

Well, I thought I posted to this blog yesterday, but I will try again! Glad this ol' house is helping to make some awesome memories! Congratulations to Perry and Kim! We are thrilled! This blog brought tears to my eyes too! Perry is such a genuine, gentle, caring soul! He will be a wonderful husband (with his dad as an excellent role model)! Happy for the entire family! 💑 💍💘

8/13/2014 4:52:39 PM

I loved your blog, Mary. Congratulations to Kim and Perry! I'm so happy for everyone. Gail

8/13/2014 9:17:37 AM

Yay! So happy for both of them, and excited to have Kim officially be part of the family. Perry will make a wonderful husband and I am glad he has found such a perfect match in Kim. This post made my eyes water, and I already knew the story!