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Where the Coffee is Always On

Erin SheehanJim and I had the offer we made on a house accepted this week. It’s an exciting time for us, as I’m sure you can imagine. We’ve been renting for nearly seven years and look forward to owning our own home.

The kitchen and the neighborhood are what sold us on the house. The kitchen is big, beautiful and full of light. It has enough room to fill many canning jars and for an army of helpers. I look forward to cooking many meals there and putting up hundreds of pounds of garden produce.



The neighborhood is a walker’s paradise. We’re a block from the public library and just a few blocks more from restaurants, stores and a pharmacy. Our street is tree-lined and welcoming. Since telling friends where we’re moving, many people have responded, “I’ll be able to walk to visit you!”

My vision for our new home is one where friends and neighbors know they are always welcome to come in and sit a spell. Where the backdoor’s always open and the coffee is always on. Homemade cookies in the cookie jar and fresh baked muffins on the counter.

Our new kitchen has space for a large kitchen table. I imagine friends and neighbors sharing a cup of tea or coffee and chewing the fat. No need to call ahead, just come on in and feel at home.

Our new neighborhood appears friendly and tightly knit. We’re looking forward to becoming a part of this vibrant community. Although the backyard isn’t as large as we might like for gardening, there is electricity out to the back, which means we could put in a chicken coop someday.

The next few months of packing and moving come at the same time we’re usually starting seeds and putting in the garden, so this year’s garden may not be quite as big or as productive as we would hope, but in the end we know everything will work out. And I do hope that some of you will come on over and have a visit in our new kitchen once we’re moved in!

2/18/2015 1:20:43 PM

Thanks, Mary and Dave! We're very excited. It's scary and the expenses are daunting, but we look forward to the possibility of having chickens and walking to the library. Our garden space will be small, but we're creative!

2/15/2015 8:54:37 AM

Erin, wow, that kitchen looks awesome. I'm so glad that you are getting your own home. It makes me wish I lived closer to come visit and drink a cup of the coffee that's always on. It sounds like you have space for a garden which will fit right in with your lifestyle. I'm looking forward to future posts about the new house and garden. ***** Have a great moving day.

2/13/2015 5:17:06 PM

Happy For You! Mary from ODNT