Students Jump at Frog Joke

Students play a classic frog joke on a new teacher.


Ribbit! Ribbit! A frog joke is all in good fun.

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When I was a child, I attended a one-room school. The school had one teacher, who taught all eight grades. When I was in fourth grade, we got a new teacher, Miss Ruby. It was her first year of teaching, so some of the students came up with an innocent trick to play on her.

Not all of us were actually involved in the planning or execution of the stunt, but we all knew about it. And since it was a harmless school prank, everyone went along.

Unsuspecting target

All of us students gathered by our desks, as usual, but on this particular morning, we were trying our very best to keep the grins off of our faces.

Miss Ruby walked into the classroom and seemed to suspect nothing out of the ordinary as she walked over to her desk, and then turned to face us and ask us all to be seated.

After we had all taken our seats, Miss Ruby walked behind her desk and took her own seat.

Frog joke surprise!

Preparing to get the day started, Miss Ruby pulled open the drawer where her pencils were kept, and out jumped the biggest frog I had ever seen.

All of a sudden, Miss Ruby jumped up from her chair and let out a startled scream, just as the boys had expected. I might add that although all of us girls had known what was about to happen, we were just as scared as our teacher.

Miss Ruby quickly regained her composure and asked one of the boys to catch the frog and take it outside. Then she laughed and said that the only one more scared than she had been was the poor frog.

Monrovia, Indiana

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