Grandpa’s Attempt at Goat Joke Backfires

A grandpa pulls a goat prank on his grandkids.

Goat Eating Grass

Anything involving a goat joke is sure to be hilarious.

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My husband and I raised four boys, so I’m sure you can imagine all the pranks we encountered. As an added bonus, the boys’ grandfather thoroughly enjoyed having a good time with practical jokes.

Grandpa was the culprit behind many pranks and practical jokes, but one in particular stands out in my mind.

A plan gone wrong

Grandpa decided our boys should have a goat, so he bought them one. He loaded it into the back seat of his car and drove to our place, where he unloaded it and brought it in the house.

Our house layout consisted of several rooms forming a big circle. When the doors were open, the boys could ride their tricycle, chase each other, etc., in a circle.

As soon as they were in the house, the goat immediately broke free and started running the circle, with Grandpa running behind, holding his cap at the goat’s rear, hoping there wouldn’t be an accident.

With my husband’s help, they finally got the goat out to the barn. However, before they could get all the openings in the barn closed, the goat escaped again. Off it went to the neighbors’ place.

When they finally managed to catch the goat, they brought it back to our house and tied it up. Then Grandpa came up with another brilliant plan.

Moving on to Plan B

After dark, they loaded the goat into the car again and headed for the neighboring town where my brother and sister-in-law lived – in town.

They tied the goat to the back porch and left it there for my brother and sister-in-law to find the next morning.

Exira, Iowa

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