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Sadness, Peace and Romance

Mary ConleyDear friends,

Larry and I are both 72 and the youngest in our families. If we live long enough, we’ll bury all our siblings and their mates. It has already started and it isn’t fun. We just attended the funeral of one of my brothers. I have one of five left, and he is teetering on the edge. I’m sure many of you can somewhat relate.

In my 60 plus blogs, I’ve usually shared with you something just learned. Today, I’m wondering if maybe there are others besides myself who could use a little healing, a lift, or a rest. I’ve read that even imagining a beautiful scene for a short time can relax your body and give you peace, so I’m going to stray from the usual and hope you’ll join me as I tell you about our week and show you some photos.

As we traveled to the funeral, not having given previous thought about what we would be seeing, we experienced the rolling hills of Missouri all decked out in their best. Oh, my, what a treat! How refreshing! I wish you could have traveled the same road. After the funeral, we went to the farm instead of coming back to the city. The last two days there were amazing. The first of the two was warm, still and perfect, while the second was windy with golden leaves falling on us and our projects.

I know I’ve posted a sunrise photo taken from our patio before, but here are three more:

orange sky

I just have a point and shoot camera so these brilliant colors are real.

higher sky

I’m always surprised that the beauty isn’t just where the sun peeks up, but the clouds way above are just as pretty, appearing orange, pink and lavender. You might want to pull one of these photos off and use it for your desktop!


This is the exact same place where I have taken many photos. We love our crooked tree and the sunrises behind it. I chose this particular photo because it is so completely different from the rest. I hope you can see what that special feature is. On my computer screen, the leaves on the tree appear the same as the various colored layers in the sky. Starting at the bottom the row of trees in the background is orange and then a light yellow sky. Next, the leaves seem to be taking on the colors of yellow, various shades of pink and lavender, and then green at the very top. This tree often looks golden in the evening just before sunset, but I’ve never seen it decorated with colored leaves before.


OK, so I’ve sidetracked a little! This is Cat, or at least that is what we call him. He isn’t ours. Nope, he just belongs to himself. He won’t let us pet him, but sits at the sliding glass door and stares at us until we feed him. He just uses us, and then we worry about how he’ll survive until we return! The lilac bush is still green.

lower field

We put the white trim on the corners of our barn and shop this week, and Larry is starting to work under the eaves. Notice how the lower field is lit up.

shop trim

It was a pleasure to be outside working on such a pretty day. We needed to be careful not to lay a tool on the ground and lose it under the fast falling leaves, and one fell in my paint can. 


Now, doesn’t this photo just quiet the soul?


The neighbor’s field.

Now that we all feel better, I have a cute true story to tell you:

It Pays to be Romantic

On the way to the farm from the funeral, Larry and I stopped at a Walmart about 10 in the evening. When we left the store, we couldn’t find where we had parked. A lady said, “Your car is right over there!” I asked her how she knew and she said she saw us get out and walk to the store. Wow! I told her she would be a great eye witness to a robbery or murder. Then she said, “I just noticed you holding hands and thought, 'How sweet!'”

Thanks for joining me for this little chat. Count your blessings and have a nice day!

11/4/2014 8:26:43 AM

Mary, it is a mixed emotional thing to have a long life, isn't it. My mother in law just turned 88 this last October. Most of her long time friends and many of her siblings have passed away. She only has too much younger sisters that are still alive. Being blessed with many years of life has sadness involved with it. ***** I'm the oldest of my generation. I'm leading the way into old age. With the death of my Dad a few years ago, I inherited the honor of being the patron of the family. I'm not sure I really wanted that spot but I was destined to be the one to have it. When we are younger, we don't really think about how death will creep up on us all at some time and just when it happens we don't know. It has made me stop and enjoy the moment more and more as I age. I too have learned to enjoy those sunrises or the beauty of a rose bush in the height of bloom, or the sound of kids laughing and having fun in the neighborhood. ***** Have a great sad, peaceful, romantic day.

10/25/2014 11:37:41 AM

Mom, these photos are pretty amazing and bring back recent memories of being at the farm and proposing to Kim at sunrise. Our sunrise was not nearly so riveting, but the morning will always be memorable. Romance. I have seen you and dad holding hands, and it is a real blessing to see. I tell Kim that you and dad grow deeper in love each day, and she agrees that is what she desires for us. Setting the bar. As I think about you and dad and the lady's comment, I am reminded of a comment made by a guy at church the other day. He said to me that I was setting the bar high for the other married men because of the attention I showed Kim. Outwardly I smiled, while inwardly I thought, "Yes!" It does pay to be romantic. _Perry

10/24/2014 10:30:07 PM

Love the beautiful photos and the sweet stories. Made me happy.

10/24/2014 12:37:15 PM

Mary, I am so sorry for your loss. I'm glad you found healing in your journey. And, by the way, your "not your cat" cat is gorgeous. Bless you for feeding him. I hope he decides to move in before winter.