The One-Room Cottage

Poem describes the outhouse as a one-room cottage.

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It was a little cottage

So very, very small,

It had no living or dining room

And no bedroom, kitchen or hall

It was just a one-room cottage Furnished with three seats but no desk, It had a number of magazines and papers And people went there to read and rest.

Some saw fit to go there

Where they could read and make wishes, While glancing through Montgomery Ward Or just to avoid doing the dishes.

The young ones went there to hide If trouble was in the making

Any and all household chores to do Or the yard needed raking.

One could hear giggling

If girls were there,

And boys were in the horse lot With small rocks the cottage pelting.

That cottage was cold in the winter And drafty as could be,

But not so in the summer

There under the big oak tree.

Such a tiny little cottage, furnished with Two large seats and one very small, And the main reason for going there Was in answer to Nature's call.

Gussie Stanfill Coatney
Alma, Arkansas