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Watchful dog - What memories of childhood CAPPER'S brings! A reader made a passing reference to the Jewel Tea Company in a letter to Reader to Reader recently. I remember being on the farm and seeing the Jewel Tea truck drive in. Once, a Jewel Tea man drove in and my mother didn't make it to the door fast enough to holler at our dog, Mickey, who was a little sharp with strangers. As the man got out of the truck, the dog greeted him with a nip that took his pant leg off. My mother gave the man a pair of Dad's pants until he could reach town (about four miles away) to get another pair.

Bev Hall
Las Vegas

Tree climbing? - Recently, my 7-year-old grandson, Austin, came running into my house, exclaiming, 'Grandma, will you come and climb trees with me?'
I'm 69 years old. He made my day.

Gladys Ferrie
Cresco, Iowa

Put it in stitches - Getting only one CAPPER'S a month makes for a big issue. We were having trouble keeping ours together. When the first monthly issue arrived, I went to the sewing machine and sewed it down the middle. That worked wonderfully.

Norma Wilson
Topeka, Kan.

Hair care tip - I have a tip for younger readers, regarding the color in their hair. A vitamin makes the color for hair. If it is overcooked, it can't color hair.
I asked my mother to cook my egg on one side. My brother asked for it cooked on both sides. That's the way it was with other foods.

When my brother was 50, he had no color left in his hair. I am 92, and I have lots of color left in my hair.

Clara M. Spor
Hydro, Okla.

Happy with results - We recently reunited long-lost cousins through Reader to Reader. We will always remember to credit CAPPER'S for that help.

Theola Cook
Kansas City, Mo.

Petticoat malfunction - In the late 1930s, I attended country school in South Dakota. Every year, area schools gathered together for spelling bees and speech contests. Most of the seventh and eighth grades participated.

One year, I took the stage to present a poem. I was wearing a skirt with a button fastening. I delivered the last line of my recital with such gusto that I snapped the waistline button of my bouffant petticoat - and the petticoat fell to my feet!

The audience roared with laughter and stomped their feet as I left the stage. The audience continued to clap and stomp until I reappeared on stage without my petticoat!

My speech coach shoved me back there for a bow. She reminded me that it was my delivery - and not the petticoat's response to it - that won me first prize.

Bertha O. Johnson
Portland, Ore.

CAPPER'S goes to Iraq - I was pleasantly surprised some time ago to receive a letter marked 'Free Mail.' It was from B.J. Bower-Hansen from Nebraska, who is currently assigned to active duty in Iraq.

I'm a retired teacher, and I requested the words to a poem that began, 'Three little words you often see are articles 'a,' 'an' and 'the.'' Many readers sent the poem or requested a copy for themselves. (More than 50 people from all across the country responded.) That was in 2001. Janie found an old copy of CAPPER'S while in Iraq. She also wrote and requested a copy of the poem. She plans to use it when she returns to her teaching job in Nebraska.

Janie and I have been sharing letters, and now I send my CAPPER'S to her. We do indeed live in a small world - Nebraska to Iraq to Missouri!

Bonnie Whitney
Potosi, Mo.

Continue good work - Thank you so much for continuing CAPPER'S, even if it is in a different way. I do not know of a more wholesome publication for families. Continue your good work.

Nadine Lesser
Longmont, Colo.

Another big anniversary - Twenty years ago, I wrote that my husband, Wesley, and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary by renewing our marriage vows in church. We had a big dinner at noon, with an open house in the afternoon with a big, three-tiered cake. I still have the CAPPER'S that included this item.

Last year, on our 70th anniversary, our church had an open house for us. There were lots of people, gifts and 100 cards. They served a sheet cake of white, chocolate and banana cake. The cake was baked by the same lady who baked the one for our 50th. We had banana and strawberry punch and coffee. We are still in our own home and taking care of each other.

Maxine Cole
Shattuc, Ill.

Far-out visitors - After returning from Roswell, N.M., we decided to surprise our neighbors, Marvin and Kathleen. We had purchased two 42-inch inflatable aliens. After dark, my daughter and I crawled on the neighbor's deck and placed the aliens there.
The next morning, our neighbors were a little shocked to see who was out ready for coffee. Marvin awoke to his wife's laughter!

Polly Jones
Wichita, Kan.

Geese galore - This photograph was taken at Ethel Lake in the town of Derry, Pa.
It's not uncommon to see groups of Canada geese there, but this flock was unusually large, so my father, Stephen, encouraged me to take a photograph.

We really enjoy reading CAPPER'S - especially the recipes and the Heart of the Home. Keep up the fine work!

Christine Fallat
Punxsutawney, Pa.

Editor's Note: In 'How many can you answer' in our January 2006 issue, an answer said that Sam Walton founded his Wal-Mart stores in Rogers, Ark. A reader wrote in that Walton started the stores not in Rogers, but nearby in the community of Bentonville.

According to Wal-Mart's Web site, the first official Wal-Mart opened in Rogers. Other sites note, however, that Walton previously opened a five-and-dime store in Bentonville - which is the location of Wal-Mart's home office. We would love to hear from readers from either place to learn more about them.