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Open Session: What readers think

Impressed - I don't know when I've been as impressed with a photograph as much as I was with one in the May 24 issue of CAPPER'S. The scene of the three Marines in the Cherry Point Color Guard and the 3-year-old boy talking to one of them was so cute.

The Marine holding the flag was speaking to the little boy, and the other two Marines were trying hard not to show too much interest. I loved it.

Ruth Farmer
Independence, Kan.

Dandelion ode - How delightful that 'Ode to a Dandelion,' by Herm Albright, appeared recently in CAPPER'S (June 7). A group of us were discussing the difficulty with ridding our lawns of weeds, and that included dandelions. My sister said, 'Hasn't anyone ever noticed the beauty of a field of golden dandelions?'

It's the truth, and it's nice to know that someone honored the dandelion with a short, but lovely, poem.

Elinor Filice
Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Born too soon - After reading 'Simply a driver's aide' (Editor's Notebook, May 10), I think Andrea Skalland's problem is that she waited too long to be born.

Before I retired in 1970, the company where I worked had periodic safety sessions. One of the things they stressed the most was that whenever we were passengers in a car, we should alert the driver to anything that could help.

My husband loved that. If I didn't volunteer something, he would ask me to do so. He's gone now, but I still have that habit. None of the friends who drive me around seem to mind it.

Florence F. Bush
Brazil, Ind.