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Open Session: What readers think

Fideo lover: I am Mexican-American, and I have to tell you that I was delighted to see the article on fideo ('Fideo lovers crave the Tex-Mex pasta,' March 29). It's the pasta of choice at my house. The children love it with tortillas on the side - a delicious, filling meal in itself. I like it with fresh-cooked pinto beans, mixed with a hot chili pequin tomato salsa.

Fideo is not only a Tex-Mex pasta, but a NebraskeƱa pasta.

B.T. Moreno
Ogallala, Neb.

A budding artist: As native Iowans, my family knew all about CAPPER'S. My sister and I learned to read with CAPPER'S and Capper's Farmer.

I am 79 this year, and I still read CAPPER'S. I especially enjoyed the April 26 'Space Place.' The budding young artist, Grant Evans, 7, works with a lot of creativity, realism and precision for one so young. I hope his parents encourage him to continue with his artwork.

Leta Dixon
Glendale, Ariz.

Card exchange: I read the article about the brothers who sent a birthday card back and forth for decades ('Same card exchanged for 29 years,' March 15). My cousin, Mabel Hagerman, and I have exchanged the same card for 61 years, and have only failed to do so a few times through those many years.

When we send the card, we add the year and usually a one-line message. The card has a picture of a one-eyed cat, so we call it 'Old Puss Cat.' Whoever passes away first, 'Puss Cat' goes with them.

I have taken CAPPER'S for 58 years or maybe longer. I love all the letters.

Dolores Jardon
Baldwin City, Kan.

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