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Open Session: What readers think

No day wasted - I love thinking back to when I was a student in high school in Hugo, Colo. Our much-loved principal reminded us often of this motto: 'Count that day last,/whose low-descending sun/bares from thy hand/no worthy action done.'

I am now 94 years old, and every day I make sure that I do something worthwhile, even if that something is only washing my shoestrings and relacing my shoes.

Ida Mae Tait
Thousand Oaks, Calif.

The sweetest sound - I wanted to share a story I wrote the very day I came home and read the Editor's Notebook about the wonderful effect that children's laughter has ('The Sweetest Sound,' April 12).

'Our Children'

I was waiting in line at the register, a situation in which everyone gets a little annoyed. We all want to hurry home to the million things we need to do.

The sound of a little boy's laughter caught my attention. Glancing that way, I saw a father lifting the little guy in the air. His eyes were sparkling, and his sweet laughter filled my heart with memories of 50 years of having my own fine children, then grandchildren and great-grandchildren to love and baby-sit.

I said to the other customers, 'Have you ever heard such a sweet sound?' All of them glanced in that direction, and I saw smiles on all of their faces. It brought back sweet memories to all of us of God's greatest gifts for us to love and treasure.

Gloria Pfister
Naples, Fla.

Editor's Note: The address given for sending requests for first-day cancellations for the Masterworks of Modern American Architecture commemorative stamps was incorrect in the May 10 issue. The correct address is MODERN ARCHITECTURE COMMEMORATIVE STAMPS, GMF MANAGER, CUSTOMER SERVICES, 1001 E SUNSET RD, LAS VEGAS NV 89199-9998.