Open Session: What Readers Think


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World War II songs - The World War II songs mentioned in CAPPER'S (Heart of the Home, June) brought back special memories, as my husband was in the Army. I enjoyed reminiscing, as several years ago I wrote a story using several popular songs titles. It began: 'We'll have a Sunrise Serenade, When the Lights Go On Again All Over the World. This brings The Very Thought of You, and I'm Making Believe, I'll Be Seeing You. Yes, I'll Buy That Dream, because You Belong to My Heart and I'll Get By, as long as I have you.'

Thanks, CAPPER'S, for the good reading. I wish it could come every day, 'cause sure as shootin', I would sit down and read it all.

Maxine Williamson
Walsh, Colo.

The cotton's a-coming - I wish I could write to everyone who sent me cotton seed in response to my request (Reader to Reader, June). I've enjoyed the short letters each have written. I've got plants coming up. I don't have much room outside, as I live in an apartment, but I'm having fun watching them grow.

Ruth Ross
Neosho, Mo.

Favorite song - I read with interest about the D-Day anniversary (Open Session, July), as my first husband and I were married June 6, 1944. He died in 1979.

I was a subscriber to CAPPER'S for many years, but I quit a couple of years ago to cut expenses. I recently subscribed again, and I really enjoy it. I especially look forward to the serial story.

In the June Heart of the Home section, readers wrote about familiar songs. I remarried in 1990, and my favorite song, From a Jack to a King, was the theme song for our wedding dance. It is very special to me, as I am a widow again. He passed away in May 2002. I am over 85 years young.

Adeline Schmeets
Harvey, N.D.

Greedy for gas - An article I read in the Ogden (Utah) Sunday Standard-Examiner reminded me of something I would read in CAPPER'S. It's interesting to observe human nature.

Kay L. Shurtliff
Roy, Utah

Editor's note: Shurtliff sent a clipping from the paper, written by Molly Bennett: 'Gas 33 cents per gallon at Ogden station.' It recounts how a glitch caused pumps to sell gas at 33 cents per gallon, rather than $3.39. The mistake caused long lines during the hour it took to fix the error. Employees said no one told them of the glitch, and several people called others to tell them to visit the station.

Little Twins - Our quarter horse mare, Jazzy, recently gave birth to twin fillies, Flopsy and Bobsy. It's rare for horses to give birth to twins that survive.

Brad, Myra and Reba Colin
Butler, MO