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In God We Trust - I have a story about 'In God We Trust' that I would like to share. ( Editor's note - See 'Look closer for missing motto,' in the December 2007 issue for information about novel placement of the motto on the series of presidential dollar coins that began circulating last year.)

Last October, as editor of Log Cabin News, I finally realized my dream of making a trip east to visit the oldest log cabins in America, built by the Swedes along Darby Creek in Pennsylvania, and also a wonderful Welsh log cabin northwest of Philadelphia, the Morgan House.

When I got to Prospect Park, Pa., a wrong turn and a minor accident resulted in the good fortune of meeting a policeman wearing a colorful embroidered badge depicting a log cabin and the words: 'Prospect Park Police, 1894-1994; Birthplace of In God We Trust.'

I found their famous 1600s Swedish log cabin, Morton House, at the waterfront and read all the historical signs.

When I got home, I looked up 'Prospect Park' on the Internet. On Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia written and updated by readers, I found the story of a local Baptist minister, Mark R. Watkinson, who wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Treasury. The outcome, though different from Watkinson's wording, was the phrase 'In God We Trust' used on a coin for the first time in 1864.

We have a statewide Log Cabin Day in Michigan, now set for more than 90 places for June 29 of this year. We have been collecting data from all over the state for the past 20 years, and we have many out-of-state members.

What a nice memory to have, of a place where policemen wear log cabin badges.

Virginia Handy
Editor, Log Cabin Society of Michigan
Sodus, Mich.

Lots to read - A reader recently wrote about how so many people don't read books ('Open Session,' December 2007). I don't disagree with her, but I do say it isn't completely bad.

No, I hadn't read a complete book in all of 2007, but first and foremost, I read all of CAPPER'S, Grit and other publications - as well as the Bible and two other regular devotionals every day. Plus, I try to keep up with the local newspapers. Being handicapped, I feel that I do put a lot of time into regular reading. I believe there are lots of others like me.

One of the first things I turn to in CAPPER'S is the Reader to Reader column, hoping I can answer someone else's request. Many times I have done just that, and I have found new friends that way. It makes us realize how much alike we are, though we are from all over the world. May you never discontinue those columns!

Mary Ellen Van De Car
Charlevoix, Mich.

Favorite features - I just wanted to write to express how much I enjoyed the story that ended in the December 2007 issue of CAPPER'S ('The Agreement'). I passed it on to others who enjoyed it, too.

Also in that issue was a beautiful display of handkerchiefs, sent to you by Lorene Hawkins (Open Session). I enjoy handkerchiefs so much, and I use them all the time.

Jettie Rawlins
Sylvania, Ohio

Little Cook - My 11-month-old great-grandson, Mason, is getting ready to help his daddy, Michael Gunther, cook a plateful of lobster.

His dad works for the government in Afghanistan.

Mrs. George Rahn
Butterfield, Minn.

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