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D-Day anniversary - I was surprised and a bit disappointed when I did not find D-Day in Europe listed in 'This day in history' for June 6, 1944 (June). Why? The naval ship that I was on crossed the international date line in 1944, and went from the afternoon of the fifth to the afternoon of the sixth.

I was about as far away from that action as I could be on this hemisphere, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in charge of a small group of radiomen near the bridge of the flagship to which I was assigned. In the middle of the night shift when everything was quiet, I picked up the earphones of a radio set that was not in use. As I turned the dial, I heard a voice say, 'And I say again, northern France has been invaded.' I told the officer of the watch, and soon the room was full of officers, all wanting the latest word on what was happening half the Earth away.

Clair L. Koons
Jasper, Ark.

Editor's note: Thanks for sharing your own remembrance of that momentous day with us, Clair. We're always glad to receive letters from readers recounting their own personal experience of historical events.

You raise an important point - D-Day is an event that should never go unrecognized. Any list of important historical dates in the month of June would be incomplete without it.

'This day in history,' however, is not meant to be a list of the most important dates in history. If it were, it would change little from year to year.

Rather, the feature is meant to be a wide-ranging, somewhat quirky snapshot of events in history. Some events - like an account of a significant moment in Abraham Lincoln's life - might inform us of something we didn't know. Others - such as noting the day a hit song from the '60s broke a record on the music charts - remind us of something we haven't thought of in a long time … and possibly conjure up old memories from our own lives.

While D-Day wasn't included in the list, we certainly hope it received the attention it deserves elsewhere.

Familiar song
- In your last issue, you had articles on song memories. I live in Iowa, so I know about the song The Church in the Wildwoods ('Song brings back memories'). It's located in Nashua, Iowa, and I have seen it several times. My oldest daughter was married there in October 1963. I attended another wedding there and also stopped there on vacation with three daughters. Also, my husband's sister was married there in 1940. It is a beautiful song.

Carol Christenson
Forest City, Iowa

Musical memory
- The person who wrote of her father singing My Little Girl rang a bell ('Music brings back good memories of her parents,' June). My mom had that song in sheet music, and before radio and TV, we'd sit and play and sing. That was one song we sang. Today, I sat and sang through the whole song, and it brought pleasant memories. I'm now 84 years young and love to recall such memories.

We did have a radio then, but batteries were expensive. We were very selective as to the programs we tuned in.

Donna Hart
Stanton, Mich.

Author! Author!
- I'm a longtime subscriber to CAPPER'S and have contributed many times to your Heart of the Home section.

I have nothing but good things to say about your publication. I read it from front to back, then pass it along to a friend who can't wait for me to finish with it. We both are so taken with Jo Maseberg's writing. I hope you continue to feature her work.

Carol Chandler
Harrisburg, Ark.

Writing garners notice
- I was very happy to receive the check for my memory of precious songs. I find there are many CAPPER'S readers, as every time I've had something accepted, someone sees it and asks, 'Was that you?'

I love CAPPER'S - my mother used to trade a hen or garden produce for a subscription. We loved to hear her read aloud the serial story in each issue. Thank you for a clean, wholesome paper that I am proud to have in my house.

Athel McIntosh
Lebanon, Mo.

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