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Home remedy - I read the response Dr. Donohue provided a reader trying to fight fingernail fungus ('Doctor's prescription,' January). A cheap remedy worth trying is vinegar. Dip the fingernails in vinegar several times a day or after washing hands. Keep a small, covered plastic container handy on the counter with a small amount of vinegar to keep reusing. A 1-cup butter container with its tight plastic lid works great.

Any present fingernail damage must grow out, but vinegar may prevent further fungus. Use caution in places where vinegar is damaging. It can also be used to clean lime from stainless steel fixtures.

Doctor's medicine for this treatment is expensive and slow, as Donohue notes.

Mrs. Dwayne Lambert
Smith Center , Kan.

Editor's note: Thanks for the tip! We love helpful advice from readers. Do any of you have other beauty tips, hints for taking care of health, home, lawn and garden? Would you like to share how you go about maintaining house and possessions - removing stains, for instance, or restoring luster to cutlery? If so, we'd love to print your tips in Open Session.

Anti-chicken theft device
- Reading Vern Larson's letter about his father's registered stamp to mark tools and such ('Open Session,' April) against being stolen reminded me of a tool I still have. It looks like a paper or leather punch and was used in the late '20s and early '30s when a lot of chicken stealing was taking place.

I'm not sure what organization sponsored it, but each participating farm was given a spot to mark each chicken's right foot or left foot: Web # 1, Web #2 or Web #3. This made it possible for several farms to use the same tool or marks. If chickens were stolen, all the local poultry businesses were notified about what to watch for, and the branded chicken was proof the chickens were stolen.

This was not a hot branding iron, but a sharp little tool that cut a mark in the web of the foot.

Elsie Lybarger
Bowling Green , Mo.

- When my Dad was dying of cancer, I had just had his first grandchild, a very tiny, delicate baby. My husband would leave me at Dad's for the day.

Dad wanted to hold the baby, but was afraid he might drop her, so he had me sit on his lap holding the baby, and he would rock us and sing to us. I felt so bonded with Dad, like no other person.

Alberta Baber
Hamilton , Mo.

One tired race fan - This is a photo of our 2-year-old grandson, Hunter Geisler. After watching the races and playing cars with his grandparents, Hunter was extremely tired. As you can see, he crashed and fell right to sleep.

Gene and JoAnn Parker
Cozad , Neb.

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