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Polio insurance - I can remember CAPPER'S being in our home and a salesman would come and take a chicken or an old battery to pay for a subscription. I can also remember the patterns being so cheap - 10 cents and 25 cents.

Years later, I was a mother with children, and a CAPPER'S salesman came one morning selling polio insurance - it was 1951 or 1952. In October 1952, our 5-year-old daughter had polio and spent eight days at K.U. Medical Center. The doctor bills and hospital bills were close to $600, and Capper's Insurance paid all of them except for a 60-cent phone call.

I have always been glad we took the insurance. This daughter and I still share CAPPER'S and then pass it on.

Hazel Prothe
Cleveland, Mo.

The right husband

I still drive, volunteer in two libraries and am a doorman at church. And I'm happily married. My wife is pleased that I greet some ladies in church with a hug. She says, 'I know it is better to have a husband whom ladies like, than to have one whom they detest.'

Lawrence Holeman
Inverness, Fla.

Fond of Kansas

Keep up the good work, and God bless each and every one of you. Thank you for keeping the price low.

Celene Henry
Sun City, Calif.

Magazine amused Mom

Thelma (Kime) Boling
Savannah, Mo.

Tabby time keeper - Sometime before 1935, your paper had a picture of a cat clock, one with a tail as the pendulum, with green eyes that moved from side to side. A contest was held to name the clock. Mother named it Tabby Time Keeper and won one. Our mother passed away in 1935, so Tabby is now 70 or more years old and still runs. - Fren A. Usher, Downey, Calif.

Top notch - CAPPER'S is the best paper ever. I pass my copies to a friend who waits breathlessly for each issue.

F. Kralka
Carol Stream, Ill.

Shared name

I was the state regent of the Kansas Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution for three years, so my name is familiar to some throughout the state.

I'm into genealogy and wonder if Kathryn Compton is kin to my husband of nearly 60 years. After having read one of her Editor's Notebook, I can say that I would be proud to claim the authorship.

Kathryn Compton
Wichita, Kan.

Editor's note: Thank you for your letter. Not only are you Kathryn Compton, you know the right way to spell it.

My father's family comes from Dew County, Texas, and before that from Tennessee and Arkansas. If your husband's family hails from any of those locales, it's a pretty good bet we're at least some kind of relative.

Thanks again for getting in touch. I imagine you were most surprised to discover that you had started a new career as editor of CAPPER'S.

Kathryn Compton

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