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Marriage menagerie - In your October 2006 issue, I read about a groom's pet hen serving as a bridesmaid. I attended the wedding of my granddaughter, in which the groom's pet dog served as ring bearer.

Irene Barnes
Iuka, Miss.

Editor's note: Barnes en­­closed a newspaper clipping about the event, in which Coltrane, a golden lab, served as ring bearer, wearing a bow tie for the occasion.

Familiar face
- It was a real treat to see the picture of Nola Ochs, in Hays, Kan. ('Grandmother, 95, hitting the books,' January). She is from my neck of the woods in western Kansas, and a longtime neighbor of my sister and her husband, Anna Belle and Oral. Congratulations, Nola!

Marie (Wheeler) Horton
Monroeville, Pa.

A real blessing
- I am writing to thank you for publishing my skating story ('Cherishes memory of ice skating with mother,' Heart of the Home, January). In the letter you sent with a copy of the article, it says that 'the distinction of having a contribution chosen is more to be valued than the payment.' You are so right. It was a real blessing for me.

I sent the story in with the idea that it would be published so my mother could read it and know how much I appreciated her. Although she passed away the day before her issue came in the mail, she did know that it had been accepted and published, which was a joy for her. And that is all that I wanted to do: bring a little happiness to my mother's life.

Thank you again, and God bless.

Kenneth Roberts
Winnebago, Wis.

Now, that's service
- I am a long-time CAPPER'S subscriber, and after I renewed for a year last November, I didn't receive a December issue - and my check had been cashed.

I'm in a nursing home, and I asked a nurse, Deb, to phone you. She said the customer care group lady was very nice and said I would get a December issue in six days. It came three days later, with a plastic cover. And the Editor's Notebook column was about the customer care group ('Reader's true story shows holiday spirit').

I was glad to read the end of the serial story in that issue. I like many of the features and articles, such as 'Smart Money,' and the photos of animals.

I pass my issue on to Deb, and she and her husband enjoy it, too.

Helen Williams
Millville, Pa.

Little kitty carrier
- While visiting my niece Nancy on a farm near Elyria, Kan., I was sitting on the deck with a bunch of kittens romping nearby. A little girl asked me if she could pick up one. I told her to be careful and not squeeze one too hard. I had my camera beside me and managed to catch this scrunched-up look on her face.

Asta M. Chase
Lindsborg, Kan.

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