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What a guy - My niece in Los Angeles sent me an article about Arthur Winston, who celebrated his first day of retirement on his 100th birthday. The story seems so much like your upbeat kind of article. What a guy! I thought you might want to feature it in CAPPER'S. I always enjoy reading news like this, and I thought your readers would enjoy it, too. I enjoy reading CAPPER'S so very much - it's my kind of reading.

Stella Cichowski
Saginaw, Mich.

Editor's note: Thanks for telling us about this article, Stella. Great minds think alike, it seems; as it turns out, we were already preparing an item on this amazing man for publication. Interested readers can find it on page 21.

Nature boy - This is a photograph of my great-grandson, Brent, 5. He's the son of Carl and Becky Christensen, of Rochester, Minn. He is quite an outdoor child, loves to go fishing with his dad, and he isn't afraid of grasshoppers, spiders or the like.

Maxine Christensen
Exira, Iowa

Pajamas in public - When I read about the pajama fad in the April issue of CAPPER'S, I was reminded of wearing my pajamas in public more than 70 years ago. I was sure ahead of the times.

When I was in the second grade, we moved to the country, and that meant going to a one-room schoolhouse with one teacher who taught all eight grades. Games were played at recess to include everyone. To the teacher, everyone was important.

At the end of the school year, she planned a picnic at the river. On the morning of the picnic, it was chilly, so I put my pajamas on under my striped coverall. Remember them? They had buttons down the front and a drop seat. Before we ate lunch, a ballgame was started. One of the smaller girls backed up to catch the ball and stepped off the bank into the river. She was going down for the third time when a girl in the third grade jumped into the river - shoes, clothes and all. The older girl got the younger girl up to the shore where they were helped out.

Both girls were wet and cold, so all the children were giving them jackets. I told the teacher I had pajamas on under my coverall. She asked me if I would let the smaller girl wear my coverall. Of course, I did, and I spent the rest of the day in my pajamas.

Mrs. Arnold Schmauss
Cresco, Iowa

It was an honor - Thank you for the surprise check you sent for my contribution concerning my piggy collection ('Piggy bank started collection,' January). I am pleased with the honor and distinction of having it printed. Thank you.

Phyllis Wilber
Chehalis, Wash

Good enough to share - I read the Open Session letter in the April issue by Katherine Cecil, in which she wrote that she would probably dispose of the old CAPPER'S WEEKLY issues a cousin sent her. Someone should contact her and tell her not to throw them away. These are the greatest things that have ever been printed.

I love this paper. I never knew it existed till I received a note in the mail to subscribe to it. (Here's to the many happy CAPPER'S readers like me, who had never before heard of it.) I kept that letter, and I did subscribe a couple years later. I share it with friends, mostly at work. Sometimes it's not easy getting one back. I loaned one to a teacher - and it was three weeks before I got it back!

I keep all the papers. No reason, but one day I'll probably donate them to a senior center, doctors' offices and to the nursing home where I work. Residents there who are able to read enjoy doing so, and family and staff read to those who can't.

These are just some of many places that those CAPPER'S issues can find a new home. (The library is another.) Please don't throw them away; they must be shared.

Edna J. Pfleider,
Marion, Ohio

Lost in translation - I just read the article about the variety of oaths expressed through the ages and around the world ('Intriguing oaths,' February). The article states that the French 'swear by God's death.' This is not true. I lived 25 years in France, and I believe that whoever wrote this misunderstood. They swear by God's love ('pour l'amour de Dieu,' not 'par la mort de Dieu').

I am a faithful reader of CAPPER'S, and my mom, who is 92, has been reading your paper since she was a child.

Linda Njamfa
Des Moines, Iowa

Favorite president - Thank you for including my piece on most admired presidents, specifically about George W. Bush ('Feels blessed to have Bush as our president,' February). CAPPER'S is a wonderful family magazine. It's the publication I admire the most.

Helen J. Miskinen
Brighton, Colo

All across the nation - Don't tell me that CAPPER'S isn't read all over the United States. A short time ago, my request for a song ran in the Reader to Reader section. To date, I have received 54 responses. More than 70 copies of the song have arrived, from California to Virginia, from Texas to South Dakota.

I would like to personally thank everyone who wrote, but it is almost impossible for me to do so. So, I am sending this note to say 'Thank you one and all for your kindness.'

Ernest W. Bryant
Berryton, Kan.

Editor's note: We're glad to hear that this request generated such a tremendous response. We often hear from readers whose items in Reader to Reader yield a huge amount of helpful letters - more than any one person could ever hope to answer.

We could print thank-you notes each month from these grateful readers, but this would take away from the space available for printing the requests themselves. As such, we choose not to print these many notes.

If you've sent something to another reader in response to an item in CAPPER'S, please be understanding and realize that often the sheer volume of responses to requests precludes any possibility of a recipient responding to every one of them.

Open Session - We welcome letters from readers. If you have an opinion or comment on an article you saw in CAPPER'S that you'd like to share, send it to Open Session, CAPPER'S, 1503 S.W. 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609-1265.