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'The Wienermobile' - I had a nice surprise seeing the article about Oscar Mayer's Wienermobile (''The Wienermobile' still cruising at 70,' August). A few years ago, my friend and I saw it on display here in Mason City, Iowa, to advertise the traveling Jell-O Museum and to honor the Kraft Jell-O factory in town.

Someone took a photograph of us in front of the Wienermobile and put it in a yellow-and-white folder with the Wiener Jingle printed on it. I've kept the folder and clipping from our daily newspaper about the event.

Thelma Klemensen
Mason City, Iowa

Editor's note: Klemensen sent along a copy of the photograph, the daily newspaper's article and the lyrics to the Wiener Jingle. For those who do not remember the words, the lines are reproduced below.

Wiener Jingle
Oh, I wish I were an
                Oscar Mayer wiener,
That is what I'd truly
                like to be.
'Cause if I were an
                Oscar Mayer wiener,
Everyone would be in
love with me.

Snake milked cow - Recently, a letter writer recounted how he went to milk a herd of cows one morning and discovered that one of them was missing three-quarters of her udder (Open Session, July). That reminded me of something Dad used to tell us.

There was a cow that gave a lot of milk - but when milked in the morning, one udder would never have any milk. One morning, folks arrived earlier than usual to do the morning milking and saw the cow go to the far corner of the corral and lay down. When they checked on it, they saw a snake was sucking from the teat that never produced milk for them in the morning.

Dad said he didn't think a cow would let it happen, but evidently the cow had so much milk that it felt better.

Stella Benish
Offerle, Kan.

School aid

My parents also received your paper, and I would clip articles from it and take them to school for Current Events Day. I proudly told my teacher that I took the articles from CAPPER'S!

You have kept your paper clean, enjoyable and informative, a little bit of something to interest everyone in the family. You should be very proud of your accomplishment!

Marjorie Scott
Branson, Mo.

Stirring up memories - I would like to thank you for your wonderful paper. It helps me keep in touch with home and other areas and topics.

When I was home in 1997, I remember that my sister took me to a soda fountain drugstore in Greensburg, Kan. I was so surprised to see the marbletop counter - how much I enjoyed seeing one again. They used to be in nearly every drugstore all over the area where I grew up.

It's a shame so much is lost through the years that would be nice to see and enjoy. Here in Pennsylvania, they save old buildings, but in other places they get in a hurry to destroy them. Sadly, so many memories are lost with them.

Doris Morley
Manchester, Pa.

A special meeting
- Here is a photo of my 2-year-old granddaughter, Savannah Rolfing, of Jackson, Mo., meeting her day-old brother, Owen, for the first time. Don Rolfing, the proud father, looks on. I wanted to share this very special moment with the readers of CAPPER'S.

Mary Koeberl
Jackson, Mo.

Colorado river - I'm not sure what atlas you consulted for 'Curious histories lie behind names of American states, cities' (September), but the Colorado River most certainly is located in Colorado.

It's a beautiful river, at times flowing through wide valleys and at others rushing through narrow canyons - but never through Idaho! At least two hydroelectric plants are located on the Colorado, and a number of rafting companies do a great deal of business on the river. The Colorado becomes much bigger as it flows through Utah, but Coloradans are proud to say it starts in Colorado.

Denice Helfenbein
Arvada, Colo.

Editor's note:

Wish granted - Dorrlis Cunningham recently celebrated her 89th birthday with family and friends. Most people make birthday wishes when blowing out candles, but not Dorrlis. She made hers several weeks beforehand. It was to have all of her children attend church services with her on her birthday at Bear Thicket Methodist Church.

Her wish came true! Almost all of her family members - and they number more than 80 - were there and went home with her for lunch. The afternoon was spent eating, taking pictures and exchanging lots of hugs and kisses.

Sue K. Schuster
St. Louis

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