Open Session: What Readers Think


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Iwo Jima - I would like to give you some information on Iwo Jima, which Japan has reverted to calling Iwo To ('Japan changes name of island of Iwo Jima,' August). My wife's father and uncle were on Iwo Jima and survived. They are buried in the veteran's graves section in Colorado City, Texas.

Joe Rosenthal's famous photograph was actually the second flag-raising on Iwo Jima. I'm enclosing an obituary of Charles 'Chuck' Lindberg, who was the last survivor of the first flag-raising. Chuck passed away June 24. He gave many speeches at schools and colleges, and was a real good guy. A wonderful time was had by my wife, Roberta, and me at his home many times. He will be missed.

Dean Bunn

Editor's note: Bunn enclosed a copy of an autographed photo of Lindberg at the flag-raising, as well as an obituary of Lindberg.

An Associated Press obituary about Lindberg noted that Lindberg - no relation to Charles Lindbergh, the aviator - was awarded the Silver Star for bravery. By his account, the second flag-raising on Iwo Jima occurred four hours after the first - by which time he was back in combat. Lindberg said that when he told people about raising the first flag at Iwo Jima, no one believed him, and he spent his final years trying to increase awareness of the first flag-raising.


A rare breed - A while back, I sent a request for hibiscus flower seed to Reader to Reader. The response I got was awesome. I have received enough seeds to share with my family.

This CAPPER'S family is a breed of their own. A big thanks to all.

Mary Tyler
Odessa, Texas


Eventful flight - Reading the stories in the Heart of the Home about readers' memories of eventful flights (August) stirred up a recollection of my own. I grew up in a small town in Michigan, where I attended high school and junior college before going on to the University of Michigan. At a small airport in the area, I secured a pilot's license. I will never forget the day the flying instructor approved the license.

On my final solo flight in his small Piper Cub, I was coming in for the landing. As I was about to set the plane down, I glanced down through the clear part of the door, saw the earth rushing up and almost ended in a stall. I can still hear my instructor screaming at me as he climbed from the plane. I had almost crashed his plane. I think he approved the license just to get rid of me.

Richard B. Rogers
Johnson City, N.Y.


Sharing chores - I read your article 'Folks say sharing chores is vital to marriage' (August). My beautiful wife, Helen, took sick and passed away in July. We shared most of the chores, but I would urge everyone, especially those older than 60, to share all the chores.

I did the financial chores and paid all the bills, but I gave Helen her Social Security money to spend as she wished. She would have had difficulties with the finances should I have passed first. She did 99 percent of the cooking, and I am having a hard time trying to feed myself. I just wish I had paid more attention when she cooked all those wonderful meals. She had more than 1,000 cookbooks, so I am going to cook while reading how.

Wilbur C. Watts
Appleton City, Mo.


Editor's note: A reader pointed out an error in a News Briefs item in the September issue. The brief should have noted that the start of the scouting movement in 1907, when Lord Robert Baden-Powell led a camp for boys off the coast of England, 'spawned the creation of the Boy Scouts of America in 1910.'


Bales of Fun - My grandkids - Reid, 4, Claire, 6, and Greta, 2 - enjoy the bale of hay their dad, J.T. Crawford, had hauled to their farm in rural Reading, Kan., to use for bow and arrow practice. Pippy, their dog, didn't quite make it to the top of the bale, though. Their mom, Amy Crawford, took the photo.

Ilene Reid
Burlingame, Kan.