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Quick Learner

On the first day of school following summer break, the teacher asked little Rodney what he did over the summer.

'We visited my grandmother in Minnesota,' Rodney said.

'That sounds like fun,' the teacher said. 'Can you tell the class how to spell Minnesota?'

'Oh, did I say Minnesota?' Rodney asked. 'I meant Ohio. O-h-i-o.'

G.J. - Ohio
The Only Way

A family, who was new to the neighborhood, overslept one morning. By the time they were finally ready to go, 6-year-old Ruthie had missed her school bus. Her father agreed to drop her off at school on his way to work, if Ruthie would show him how to get there.

They went several blocks before Ruthie finally told her father to turn. Several more blocks came and went before she indicated another turn. After 20 minutes, they finally reached the school, which proved to be only a short distance from their home.

'Why did you lead me all over town before taking me right to the school, honey?' Ruthie's father asked.

'That's the way the school bus goes,' Ruthie said, 'and it's the only way I know.'

Karen - Missouri
The Rule of Physics

Pre-med students were required to take a difficult class in physics. One day, as the professor was discussing a particularly complicated concept, a student rudely interrupted.

'Why do we have to learn this stuff anyway?' the student asked.

'To save lives,' the professor said, then continued the lecture.

A short time later, the same student asked, 'So, how does physics save lives?'

'It keeps people like you from graduating medical school,' the professor replied.

Carolyn - Kansas