John Deere Green

A little about my fascination with green tractors.


Technology changes so rapidly within a lifetime.

Mom's Mexican Plates

Fond memories come flooding back when I find my mom's old Mexican plates.

Garden Tractors

Antique lawn mowers at tractor shows prompt memories.

The Old F20

A short story about the F-20 tractor at home.

An Early Christmas Present From The Past

After searching for three years for the perfect modern sewing machine, and never really finding exactly what I wanted, my parents surprised me with an early Christmas gift of a 1961 Singer Slant-O-Matic 500.

The Hope Chest

In reading books of yesteryear, when a young girl was about to marry, her mother purchased yards and yards of material and sewed for days making all the linens she would need for her bed, kitchen and table. Sometimes these would already have been made and waiting in her hope chest.

One Task at a Time

The springtime workload can get overwhelming, but we try to stay focused and do one task at a time.

An Outdoor Girl

The farm and rural community helped shape Erin for her future.

Two Kitchen Mysteries Solved

Some things are a mystery; especially some older kitchen tools. These two didn't come with directions but I managed to solve both mysteries. One tool seems quite useful, the other not so much.