Tick Season Is Upon Us

The author shares her experiences with ticks on the homestead and offers some advice.

Happy Happy Happy

Finding ways to live in our world responsibly can bring us satisfaction and happiness.

How To Precook and Store Bacon

If you like the handiness of precooked bacon, you can learn to precook it yourself and enjoy better flavor.

Blackberry Mistakes and Smoothies

We all procrastinate and make mistakes, although my husband often says, 'I thought I made a mistake once, but I was wrong!'

Belle Figs

The author is proud of her accomplishment, and her dried figs are beautiful and delicious!

Beaucoups des Figs

Figs, figs and more figs. Some ideas about how to use figs.

Little Lambs Lost and Found

Rural living involves a lot of learning by trial and error. Our plan to make big money from sheep went awry, but if we don't ever fail, it may mean we have quit trying anything new or challenging.

The Fog

From bright and sunny to dense black fog.

Free Is Always Good

Some of the varieties of free fruits available for the taking. All it takes is a little time, a little work, and some scouting of the area for what grows in your neck of the woods.

Post-Vacation Blooms in the Garden

This post is about the prolific growth of the garden over 16 hot, wet July days when we were away on vacation in the Yukon.

Chicken Run

My carefully planned new shipment of chicks came in today . . .and brought an extra adventure with it!