Plum Tired

A family leaves a fast-paced life behind to slow things down on a small farm.

My Crochet Teacher

My adopted 'grandmother' who came with the family when I married was one of the sweetest people I have ever known - and taught me valuable skills to boot!

Pass It On

You never realize how much you already know about the self-sustaining lifestyle - until you start doing it on your own!

Memories of Midwestern Blizzards

The author talks about her own experiences of bad winter weather and tells a few stories of tragic Great Plains blizzards.

From Stay-at-Home Mom to Hobby Farmer

This is my journey of moving to the country and becoming a stay-at-home mom and hobby farmer. I was raising three small boys so why not add some animals to the mix.

Santa's Visit

Reminiscing about winter and the times when Santa would visit.