Field Trip

Sometimes you just need a friend to get you through the greatest challenges.

Dear Santa

A letter to Santa requesting Christmas miracles

Pretending to Be

Pretending to be what you are not does not mean you are crazy or insecure.

Art Oddities

tree carvings, dogs made of staples, houses decorated to keep out the vagrants

My Trip to the Zoo

Questioning why we still have zoos when it is available on-line and documentaries on TV.

Hard-Headed People

Watch out for the heat over this fourth of July. Don't be a hard-headed person like me.

My First Ghost Hunt

My first ghost was interesting but the next one is going to be intense.

My Bike Riding Adventure

Riding a bike is not as easy as shown on TV commericals, it is a skill that should be left to children.

The Freedom to Work

Flags flying high at a local cemetery on Memorial Day weekend.

Creative Mailboxes

A look at some country mailbox owners displaying their creativity.