The Abandoned Farmhouse

Do you like to reuse and repurpose? Well, here is a new use for abandoned houses!


A personal essay about owning land.

Farm Trucks

About old trucks used by farmers.

My Olive Curing Experiment

The fifteen Mission olive trees on our ranch are begging for something to be done with their fruit.

Chocolate Beet Cake

No one will ever suspect that this cake has a "secret ingredient"!


A short story about combines.

Savanna Restoration Series: Part 4

Bring your hammer and your "eagle eyes" and join Lori and her son, Farmer Bryan Havens, for the fourth and final installment of the story of their major land restoration project, a journey that takes them back into the past in order to launch them into the future!

Frustrations of a First-Time Milker – Year 2

This year I tried to stay calm and go with the flow during the birthing season. It was a lot easier knowing a little more and being ready with a milking stand if I needed it.

Savanna Restoration Series: Part 3

Put your mud boots on, grab your shovel, and join Lori and her son, Farmer Bryan Havens, for part three of the story of their major land restoration project, a journey that takes them back into the past in order to launch them into the future!


My enjoyment going to sales.

Savanna Restoration Series: Part 2

Join Lori and her son, Farmer Bryan Havens, for Part 2 of the story of their major land restoration project, a journey that takes them back into the past in order to launch them into the future!

Savanna Restoration Series: Part 1

Join Lori and her son, Farmer Bryan Havens, as they undertake a major land restoration project at their 100-year-old farm that takes them back into the past in order to launch them into the future!

Red Power Isn't Always Red

Unlike most tractor shows that I go to, the Red Power Round Up is an International Harvester only show.

Plum Tired

A family leaves a fast-paced life behind to slow things down on a small farm.

The Old F20

A short story about the F-20 tractor at home.


A story about my cat.

Our House Duck

This is a story about my journey into ducks.

Can You Make Money From A Homestead?

Are you building your homestead and following a dream? Do you wonder if you can make money from a homestead? I have some tips to help you answer that question.

Medical Supplies For The Barn

Dealing with medical issues on the farm causes farmers to become the first responders. Are you prepared with the proper medical supplies for the barn?

Birth Watch

When it's time for cows to calve, we need to be there. How do we know when calving is imminent?

Working Out on the Farm

Getting my first pair of snowshoes has been great for starting my resolution of getting healthier in 2015.

Moving to the Other Side of the Rainbow

You never know where life is going to take you, so it’s a good idea to be ready for anything. My family once had a different life, but circumstances changed, there was a period of flux, then we came out better than ever.

How To Precook and Store Bacon

If you like the handiness of precooked bacon, you can learn to precook it yourself and enjoy better flavor.

Winter Arrival Delays Turkey Processing and Brings Challenges

Farm on the Hill's pastured turkeys received an unexpected 'stay of execution' when a freak early snowstorm prevented safe travel to the processor! Read along and see the challenges that Farmer Bryan faces as he works to keep the birds safe and alive for one more week out on the winter pasture!

Urban Farmstead Friends

We may run a big farm in the country, but our urban homestead friends sure do know how to grow it.

Double Yolks Explained

My mama's hen laid a double yolked egg. My Minnesota poultry expert friend explained how it happened.

Fall: When Hope Turns To Thanks

Harvest time has arrived and, as I pick the last of the tomatoes, I have mixed feelings. One of the wonderful things about farming is the lessons you learn along the way.

More Farm Babies

The masons worked hard to repair the crumbling and leaking barn walls at Wisconsin's Farm on the Hill ... could Farmer Bryan build the brooder room fast enough after they were done to have it ready for the turkey poults?

Raspberry Riches My Way

As a chef and farmer, my days are full of work, and yet I always stop and make time to enjoy seasonal produce as it comes to market. I have such a fondness for anything raspberry - my love for this fruit goes a long way back.

Zucchini Brownies

The best use for all those zucchinis taking over your garden are brownies.

Pimento Dip: The Caviar of the South

This blog is about handling “suprise” guests on your farm - something new to a city girl. It gives you a quick, simple and traditional recipe to have on hand for unexpected guests.

Concrete Work Helps 100-Year-Old Farm

We finally hired a mason after seeing the problems with the 100-year-old stone foundations ... join Bryan and Lori for a look at the before and afters in the 100-year-old house and barn!

A Blarney Blog

When you are in pain and cannot do much, you can always recall memories of happy times.

It's Blueberry Time on the Farm

This post is about blueberry picking at my local pick-your-own farm. It includes a quick and easy blueberry bread recipe.

Life and Death on the Farm

Life and death are a daily reality on a farm. Join Farmer Bryan and Lori as they try to help a hypothermic chicken after a night of storms.

Berm Building and Mulching for Water Retention

Building berms around trees and shrubs is important for water-wise watering. Mulching is mandatory for water retention and helps keep weeds down. Manure berms are especially functional.

Our First Pig

The story of getting our first pig this spring.

Pastured Eggs

Visit the springtime pastures of Farm on the Hill as "the girls" are introduced to their new home!

Wild Blueberry Muffins

Shared my delicious blueberry muffin recipe and a little about our blueberries on the farm.

First Farm Babies

This year was the first year we had babies born on the farm.

Time to Put the Peas In

We got our peas in over the weekend. Peas are easy and rewarding to grow - plant yours today!

Almost Egg Time

Farm on the Hill's Egg Mobile inches ever-closer to completion ... watch the progress with us!

From Stay-at-Home Mom to Hobby Farmer

This is my journey of moving to the country and becoming a stay-at-home mom and hobby farmer. I was raising three small boys so why not add some animals to the mix.

Goat Politics

Our hobby farm in the Sierra Nevada foothills has seen a few goats come and go.

Kidding Season 2014

The Kidding Season has begun at Green Spot Farm in Southeast Kansas.

Gardeners Start Your Engines

100-year-old Scarlet Runner Bean seeds from Grandpa will be part of our garden this year. It's almost seed-starting time for gardeners!

Winter Produce

Winter farmers' and gardeners' markets have sprouted (pun intended!) up in my area, giving customers more access to locally grown produce throughout our long, cold winter.

The GreenBarn

When space is at a premium, creating a multi-use structure is a must.

Happy to Be Here

Let me introduce myself in this, my first blog, for the Capper's Farmer family.

Rural Heating With Wood

Heating the rural farmhouse with propane is outrageously expensive. We are learning the art and science of heating with wood ... sometimes the hard way!

How to Make a Christmas Wreath

I finally taught myself how to make a Christmas wreath from leftover fir trimmings - with a very rambunctious 1 year old to help.

The Reason God Made Hawthorne Bushes

They are frosty crisp white puzzles of delight. Living with the cold, but no snow. There are such beautiful sculptures in nature.

A Dinner at Elderslie Farm

Sarah attended what she thought would be an ordinary farm-to-table dinner event at a local farm, but this was anything but an ordinary experience.

An Old Barn

A visit to an old barn that brings back memories and reveals many treasures.

Pumpkin Pizza

The perfect solution to a very large pumpkin/squash crop

Putting the Garden to Bed

Fall has arrived and with the change in season, it changes our work. We begin to prepare the summer beds to mostly lay fallow during the rainy winter months. Also, the season’s change means our menu planning changes as well.

Onion Stringing

A Newbie (Urban) Farmer learns how to string onions.

Farm Machinery: Then and Now

A short dissertation on the differences between modern farming machinery and the ones my grandfather used.

A 1924 Guide to Perfect Poultry

You don't have to be a poultry farmer to have an appreciation for the hard work that went into this 1924 edition of The American Standard of Perfection.

Foggy Morning Dreams

A small family farm seldom makes you wealthy – there aren’t too many trips to Europe and the retirement plan can be pretty “iffy.” But farming brings its own rewards, those that in the end mean far more than the lights of Paris.

A Yearning for Land

We married young and moved to the city, where jobs and responsibilities to our four children choked out dreams of any other lifestyle.

Summer Dreams

Kellsey loves everything about summer, with the exception of triple digit temperatures. But even the dog days of summer help her dream about the future.

We Are Homesteaders

We have spent many days working outside from dawn to dusk while others our age are golfing, playing cards, and taking life easy. For us, there is immense fulfillment in growing our food.

Starting Off Small

I am a young woman who has finally found her niche. One bachelor's degree later, it turns out to be farming.

Why Move to the Country

As a frustrated country-girl-wanna-be living in town, I've known since I was a little girl that I wanted to move to a ranch as soon as possible. It finally happened when I was a grandma.