John Deere Green

A little about my fascination with green tractors.

The Garden of Hope

It is curious that a garden gives us hope when so much can go wrong!

Spring and Renewal

The ups and downs of life and the hope of renewal in spring's awakenings.

Saving Money on Back to School

You can save money on back to school supplies, without going bankrupt. These ideas will help you save money, and even the environment, by changing the way you do "Back To School."

My Crochet Teacher

My adopted 'grandmother' who came with the family when I married was one of the sweetest people I have ever known - and taught me valuable skills to boot!

Pass It On

You never realize how much you already know about the self-sustaining lifestyle - until you start doing it on your own!

Keep On Trying

Sometimes it's not about the success of what you're trying, but the fact you tried at all – and learned something from it.

Swiss Chard

There is always something new you can learn or try, even if it is just a vegetable such as Swiss chard. Experiencing it with a granddaughter just adds to the pleasure!

Planting for Our Vitamix

We are trying to eat more 'greens' and found that buying organic can get costly. I planted plenty this year in hopes of having a good crop to make many green smoothies in our new Vitamix.

Spring Update

An update of spring tasks and happenings at Green's Organic Farm and Apiary.

Happy Earth Day

There are many common sense ways to be kind to the planet (and the wallet), but here are a few other simple ideas.

Improvising When You Live in the Middle of Nowhere

When I couldn't find the right sized tablecloth just a day before having 12 people over for a ministry meeting and lunch, I had to figure out how to make one with materials I keep on hand. Because the nearest department store is an hour away, buying one wasn't an option.

Spring Means Peas

One of the first veggies of spring happens to be one of my favorites, peas.

The GreenBarn

When space is at a premium, creating a multi-use structure is a must.

A Yearning for Land

We married young and moved to the city, where jobs and responsibilities to our four children choked out dreams of any other lifestyle.