The Relevance of Time

Discussing growing up with my child shows two different perspectives.

Urban Farmstead Friends

We may run a big farm in the country, but our urban homestead friends sure do know how to grow it.

Simple Pesto Recipe

Basil is easy to grow even in small spaces. You can use your harvest to make this easy, delicious pesto!

In The Beginning

This is how our whole gardening adventure got started.

Spring Means Peas

One of the first veggies of spring happens to be one of my favorites, peas.

Winter Produce

Winter farmers' and gardeners' markets have sprouted (pun intended!) up in my area, giving customers more access to locally grown produce throughout our long, cold winter.

Homemade Fries

A goal of trying not to eat fast food fries turns into making them at home.

Happy to Be Here

Let me introduce myself in this, my first blog, for the Capper's Farmer family.

As Simple As Carrots?

Re-discovering the simple things in life that really do make it better!

Cucumbers and Memories

A trip to the garden to grab some cucumbers for a delicious down-home salad sends me on a trip down memory lane. Do you remember this recipe from your grandmother's kitchen table?