Crystal Theatre: A Small-Town Gem

After many small-town movie theaters closed, Arapahoe, Nebraska, high school students and a league of volunteers came together to reopen their old theatre and provide a safe place for the young people and the community to be entertained.

Seeds of Joy

Small successes in keeping the cat out of my houseplants.

Bread Making With a Vitamix

My husband bought me a dry blade container for my Vitamix, but I put off using it. When I finally did, I couldn't believe how simple it was. Why did I procrastinate?


The author envisions the summer of 2014 as the summer she spent in the cold shower.

Trying an Ancient Wheat

Lori Havens brings us along as she bakes bread using fresh-ground Einkorn Wheat, an ancient grain.

Nut and Other Trees

When you plant many trees, such as nut trees, you plant for the future.

Rural Heating With Wood

Heating the rural farmhouse with propane is outrageously expensive. We are learning the art and science of heating with wood ... sometimes the hard way!

Farm Machinery: Then and Now

A short dissertation on the differences between modern farming machinery and the ones my grandfather used.