The Trick to Peeling Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs

If you have chickens or buy fresh eggs from your local farmer, you know how tricky it can be to peel hard boiled eggs that are fresh. I learned a trick that works every time just in time for Easter.

Using Essential Oils on the Homestead

Essential oils can provide a safe and effective way to promote wellness. Using essential oils on the homestead is an additional way to provide purity and to eliminate chemicals from invading our bodies and environment.

Gramma's Homemade Foot Butter

This handy dandy little concoction is great for soothing cracked dry summer feet and a host of other problems.

It Was Ground This Morning

Acid-loving plants, using coffee grounds in the garden, and the great coffee grounds pH debate.

Nice To Meet Ya!

An introduction of my family and life to Capper's Farmer readers.

Happy Happy Happy

Finding ways to live in our world responsibly can bring us satisfaction and happiness.

Winter Skin Care

While winter weather can beat up our skin, so can the synthetic ingredients in many skin care products. But I've found effective and economical alternatives right in my own kitchen.

The Dish on Dirt

The basis for success in your garden is right at your feet!

How To Precook and Store Bacon

If you like the handiness of precooked bacon, you can learn to precook it yourself and enjoy better flavor.

The Hope Chest

In reading books of yesteryear, when a young girl was about to marry, her mother purchased yards and yards of material and sewed for days making all the linens she would need for her bed, kitchen and table. Sometimes these would already have been made and waiting in her hope chest.

Mosquitoes Be Gone

There's no shortage of synthetic mosquito repellents on the market intended to keep those vampire-like pests away. But I've been successful making my own from natural ingredients.

Toxic Cooking Oil

What are we really eating? Let's take a look into the oil that we cook with.

Life and Death on the Farm

Life and death are a daily reality on a farm. Join Farmer Bryan and Lori as they try to help a hypothermic chicken after a night of storms.

Backyard Olive Oil: Part Two

We go into how a hobbyist can actually make her own olive oil with a modicum of patience and the right equipment.

Homemade Olive Oil: Part One

Our writer visits a local premier olive oil producer to see if they can offer tips on making homemade olive oil.

Improvising When You Live in the Middle of Nowhere

When I couldn't find the right sized tablecloth just a day before having 12 people over for a ministry meeting and lunch, I had to figure out how to make one with materials I keep on hand. Because the nearest department store is an hour away, buying one wasn't an option.

A January Blow

Watching the effects of the drought saddened us.

Happy to Be Here

Let me introduce myself in this, my first blog, for the Capper's Farmer family.

Cover Crops

We plant winter rye as fall comes to an end to help add "green manure" to our garden.