How to Start Sweet Potato Slips

Instead of spending money for sweet potato plants this spring, you can start your own and watch the amazing process at the same time.

Garden Giddy

Getting ready for spring planting.

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

Those seeds inside of your pumpkins are delicious - don't throw them away!

Harvesting Mustard Seeds

I tried growing mustard with the idea of harvesting the seeds to make my own mustard. I wouldn't say it was a great success, but it was still fun!

Seed Saving Can Be Fun and Easy

The author discovers that seed saving is not such a mysterious process when she starts by harvesting sunflower seeds.

Grow Your Own Gourmet Salad Greens

Growing a delicious salad on your own front or back porch is easy. Once you've tried your own homegrown salad you'll never want any other!

Signs of Spring

Early spring on Green's Organic Farm and Apiary.

Seedlings Everywhere

It's that time of year again - empty milk jugs, egg cartons and plastic containers pile up to serve as temporary greenhouses for young seedlings.

A Renewed Attitude

It is difficult to get in the planting mood in the deep of winter.

Gardeners Start Your Engines

100-year-old Scarlet Runner Bean seeds from Grandpa will be part of our garden this year. It's almost seed-starting time for gardeners!

Seed Catalog Frenzy

Few things break up the winter doldrums like the arrival of the seed catalogs. Yet it's easy to get carried away ...

Seeds Made Just For Me

Rather than choosing one variety of seed, let your little micro-climate choose it for you by growing a landrace!

Pumpkins Rock!

The pre-Halloween ritual of finding the perfect pumpkins for carving, pies, and seed roasting is as much as part of autumn as jumping in a pile of freshly-raked leaves.