Nice To Meet Ya!

An introduction of my family and life to Capper's Farmer readers.

Something to be Thankful For

Being thankful for more than items and other tangible things is important. As well as a brief introduction about my lifestyle.

Little Lambs Lost and Found

Rural living involves a lot of learning by trial and error. Our plan to make big money from sheep went awry, but if we don't ever fail, it may mean we have quit trying anything new or challenging.

Let's Bring Back Bartering

Lori and her farmer son, Bryan, assist a neighbor with an otherwise overwhelming job on their farm, and rediscover the tradition of bartering. Money isn't the only thing that has value!

An Outdoor Girl

The farm and rural community helped shape Erin for her future.

The Reason God Made Hawthorne Bushes

They are frosty crisp white puzzles of delight. Living with the cold, but no snow. There are such beautiful sculptures in nature.

Life on the Root Farm Arlee Llama Alert!

I got home today from town and found a mess. The pigs had broken out of their pen and proceeded to tear up my pasture. The llama was on alert and hidden behind the dirt pile, sending out her warble of appeal. The sheep were huddled up into groups of four or six.