Front Yard Gardening

Growing food in your front yard may seem like a strange idea, but it's worked out very well for us!

Homemade Soft Pretzels

Pretzels are fun to make. They take a little time, but they taste delicious!

Enjoying the Season

Winter may seem long and cold, but if we remember what it was like to be a child in winter, we can recapture some of that joy.

Eggnog Waffles

Leftover eggnog can transform Sunday brunch into a delicious treat!

The Midwinter Garden

We're still picking a few fresh vegetables from the community garden, and loving it!

Our Homespun Christmas Tree

This year, take a moment and make up a Christmas ornament or two for your loved ones. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just made with love.

Apple Bundt Cake

It seems like this year was a bumper apple crop for most. If you are looking for a delicious way to use up a few extra apples, try this Bundt cake recipe.

A Killing Frost

We got our first frost of the year. Things are winding down on our urban homestead.

Pumpkin Harvest Time

Pumpkins are my favorite plant in the garden. They grow quickly, look cool, and taste great!

Harvesting Horseradish

Growing horseradish is easy and doesn't require much space. Within a couple of years you'll have enough to share with your neighbors!

Grow Your Own Carrots

Carrots aren't too hard to grow, but they do require care and attention.

Weeds and Wine

June gardening is all about weeding. Don’t let those pesky weeds get out ahead of you this year!

Growing Backyard Chives

Chives used to be in most everyone's backyard herb plot. They're easy to grow and delicious!

Time to Plant Peas

Peas are easy-peasy to grow and taste great. No need for fertilizer, just sun, space, water and perhaps a fence.

Seed Starting Time

Starting seeds is easy. If you've never done it there is no reason to be intimidated. Here's a basic tutorial.

Where the Coffee is Always On

Jim and I are moving to a house with a large kitchen in a friendly neighborhood. Come on over and have a visit!

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

Those seeds inside of your pumpkins are delicious - don't throw them away!

The Memory Jar

While everything around us changes constantly, memories remain constant. A 'Memory Jar' for 2015 will help you remember the good times.

The Early Winter Garden

December is usually a quiet time for gardeners, but we're still finding a little bit of fresh food out in the side yard.

Canned Tomatillo Salsa

Tomatillo salsa is unusual but delicious and easy to make. Tomatillos are easy to grow, too!

Urban Farmstead Friends

We may run a big farm in the country, but our urban homestead friends sure do know how to grow it.

Urban Fruit Foraging

Seeking out abandoned apple trees is worth the effort. With a little time and energy, you can harvest many pounds of free fruit!

Drying Time

It's time to bring back line-drying clothes. Save money, help the environment!

Pumpkin Harvest Time

Our pumpkin harvest was small this year, due to the plague of squash bugs.

Backyard Foraging

What tastes better than homegrown? Homegrown and FREE! There may be free food lurking in your own backyard if you take the time to look.

Planting Seeds of Hope

Spring is the most precarious time of year for gardeners; we put our small seedlings out into the elements and hope for the best

Our One Car Family

Three years ago we went from two cars to one. Being a one-car family has challenges but it's worth it.

Canned Apple Pie Filling

I canned apple pie filling using the apples from our 'urban foraging' expeditions.

Cover Crops

We plant winter rye as fall comes to an end to help add "green manure" to our garden.

Fall Planting - Garlic

The arrival of fall means time to sow our garlic crop on our urban homestead.

Grandma and Grandpa's Farm

The seeds of my journey toward self-sufficiency were planted years ago when I visited Grandma and Grandpa on the farm.