Enjoying the Season

Winter may seem long and cold, but if we remember what it was like to be a child in winter, we can recapture some of that joy.

Memories of Midwestern Blizzards

The author talks about her own experiences of bad winter weather and tells a few stories of tragic Great Plains blizzards.

Our January Vacation

We enjoy taking the opportunity to rest and relax when it is too cold outside to garden.

Life on the Ranch Midwinter

It's the middle of winter and we appreciate that nature has thrown us a bone in the form of abundant water. We look forward to lengthening days.

The Early Winter Garden

December is usually a quiet time for gardeners, but we're still finding a little bit of fresh food out in the side yard.

Winter Arrival Delays Turkey Processing and Brings Challenges

Farm on the Hill's pastured turkeys received an unexpected 'stay of execution' when a freak early snowstorm prevented safe travel to the processor! Read along and see the challenges that Farmer Bryan faces as he works to keep the birds safe and alive for one more week out on the winter pasture!

Firewood for the Hearth

Tips on types of wood for firewood, chimney upkeep, and how much firewood to store.

The Indispensable Hat

The author has an unabashed love affair with the hat, which is in her opinion an indispensable tool on a small farm or ranch.

Seedlings Everywhere

It's that time of year again - empty milk jugs, egg cartons and plastic containers pile up to serve as temporary greenhouses for young seedlings.

Winter Produce

Winter farmers' and gardeners' markets have sprouted (pun intended!) up in my area, giving customers more access to locally grown produce throughout our long, cold winter.


Extreme winter weather.

Santa's Visit

Reminiscing about winter and the times when Santa would visit.

Boys and Girls

What happens when you try to show a teenage boy something and you are a preteen girl.

Trucks in the Snow

The epic saga of me getting stuck in a snowdrift after we moved to our farm.