Using Up Your Talents

Adjusting our work for our age isn’t easy. Our minds want to do one thing, but our bodies rebel. At the same time, it is our work and goals that keep us going and interested in life.

Peter Olsen's Barn

What goes into the making of an old timber-frame, post-and-beam handmade barn?

More Farm Babies

The masons worked hard to repair the crumbling and leaking barn walls at Wisconsin's Farm on the Hill ... could Farmer Bryan build the brooder room fast enough after they were done to have it ready for the turkey poults?

Concrete Work Helps 100-Year-Old Farm

We finally hired a mason after seeing the problems with the 100-year-old stone foundations ... join Bryan and Lori for a look at the before and afters in the 100-year-old house and barn!

The GreenBarn

When space is at a premium, creating a multi-use structure is a must.

An Old Barn

A visit to an old barn that brings back memories and reveals many treasures.

Finding Land

We are not impulsive people. We are also opposites, so it is not like us to both want the same thing and at the same time. Yet, here we were, both wanting to buy a piece of land that we had only read about on the internet. Twenty acres with a small red barn.

A Yearning for Land

We married young and moved to the city, where jobs and responsibilities to our four children choked out dreams of any other lifestyle.

Chicken Run

My carefully planned new shipment of chicks came in today . . .and brought an extra adventure with it!