Circle of Flowers

Flowers from the field hold serenity to calm your day and offer zen to your body and mind.

Trip to the Fair

I love fairs, and it's never too early for you to start loving them, too.

Country Roads and Country People

If you've become disheartened about the human race in general, you should come out to visit us and meet some of these nice country people who are always ready to give a helping hand.

Quiet Time

A small bench near a quiet pond on a cattle ranch. A Bible and a cup of tea.

Berm Building and Mulching for Water Retention

Building berms around trees and shrubs is important for water-wise watering. Mulching is mandatory for water retention and helps keep weeds down. Manure berms are especially functional.

Goat Politics

Our hobby farm in the Sierra Nevada foothills has seen a few goats come and go.

Sounds of the Country

The sounds in the country are far different than those of the cities.

Healing in the Country

Starting over at any age is difficult; starting over in a different environment is exciting!

I Give Up

A transplant's recognition of the realities of farm life and how to adjust.

Happy to Be Here

Let me introduce myself in this, my first blog, for the Capper's Farmer family.

Field Trip

Sometimes you just need a friend to get you through the greatest challenges.

Are There Bugs in Arkansas? Part II

This is the second part to the story of a woman who finds out the hard way that yes, there are lots of bugs in the Arkansas countryside.

Garden Lessons

My mother's lessons in the garden, and my eventual understanding of the soul that is in gardening.

Why Move to the Country

As a frustrated country-girl-wanna-be living in town, I've known since I was a little girl that I wanted to move to a ranch as soon as possible. It finally happened when I was a grandma.