Harvest Festival: The Cornucopia of Fall

It's the time of year to take account of the growing season, acknowledge the rewards of you labor, and note what you should do differently next year.

Front Yard Gardening

Growing food in your front yard may seem like a strange idea, but it's worked out very well for us!

We've Always Known

An essay about the process of arriving at an understanding that modern life is too fast paced, and that communication with one's spouse is critical as a couple comes to the realization that over many years of life and raising a family, the homesteading lifestyle is what you've always really wanted.

A Killing Frost

We got our first frost of the year. Things are winding down on our urban homestead.

Pumpkin Harvest Time

Pumpkins are my favorite plant in the garden. They grow quickly, look cool, and taste great!

Homesteading Anywhere

It doesn't matter if you live in the country or in a big city, you can homestead anywhere.

Grow Your Own Carrots

Carrots aren't too hard to grow, but they do require care and attention.

Battling Squash Bugs

Squash bugs are a formidable enemy, but they can be controlled without using pesticides.

The Value of Perennials

A realization would sneak into my thoughts now and then – the knowledge of the reward of previous hard work, and it brought happiness to my gardening heart.

Spreading Around the Risk

Having four gardens means that there’s always something to do in at least one of them.

Weeds and Wine

June gardening is all about weeding. Don’t let those pesky weeds get out ahead of you this year!

First Harvest of the Year

Fresh lettuce marks our first harvest of the year. Hopefully the start to a successful gardening season!

Growing Backyard Chives

Chives used to be in most everyone's backyard herb plot. They're easy to grow and delicious!

It Was Ground This Morning

Acid-loving plants, using coffee grounds in the garden, and the great coffee grounds pH debate.

Garden Net Frames

Easy, do-it-yourself frames for garden netting help protect your garden from critters.

Mon Potager

Zinnias are beautiful and functional companion plants in the kitchen garden.

Time to Plant Peas

Peas are easy-peasy to grow and taste great. No need for fertilizer, just sun, space, water and perhaps a fence.

Seed Starting Time

Starting seeds is easy. If you've never done it there is no reason to be intimidated. Here's a basic tutorial.

My Grandmother's Garden and Simpler Times

A nostalgic look at my childhood visits to my grandmother's home in a small rural town on the Oregon coast and how she continues to influence my own garden and life decades after her death.

How to Start Sweet Potato Slips

Instead of spending money for sweet potato plants this spring, you can start your own and watch the amazing process at the same time.

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

Those seeds inside of your pumpkins are delicious - don't throw them away!

Our January Vacation

We enjoy taking the opportunity to rest and relax when it is too cold outside to garden.

The Early Winter Garden

December is usually a quiet time for gardeners, but we're still finding a little bit of fresh food out in the side yard.

A Time to Every Purpose

The change of seasons has me reflecting on the words of Ecclesiastes this week.

Pumpkin Harvest Time

Our pumpkin harvest was small this year, due to the plague of squash bugs.

Canning Salsa

It's tomato picking time on our homestead. What better way to preserve the harvest than canned salsa?

Simple Pesto Recipe

Basil is easy to grow even in small spaces. You can use your harvest to make this easy, delicious pesto!

Cucumber Beetles vs. Erin

Homemade pickles and relish are staples around our house, but growing cucumbers can be a real challenge.

DIY Nontoxic Weed Killer

We try to use the least harmful solution to get ride of garden pests and weeds. This easy-to-make weed killer really works!

Grow Your Own Gourmet Salad Greens

Growing a delicious salad on your own front or back porch is easy. Once you've tried your own homegrown salad you'll never want any other!

All Good Things Rhubarb Including Rhubarb Muffins

Rhubarb pie, rhubarb jam and rhubarb muffins are all on the menu in our kitchen at this time of year. What better way to eat locally and get Vitamin C then by picking and eating your own rhubarb!

In The Beginning

This is how our whole gardening adventure got started.

Planting Seeds of Hope

Spring is the most precarious time of year for gardeners; we put our small seedlings out into the elements and hope for the best

Planting for Our Vitamix

We are trying to eat more 'greens' and found that buying organic can get costly. I planted plenty this year in hopes of having a good crop to make many green smoothies in our new Vitamix.

Garden Up

Maximizing garden space in a small city yard is a constant challenge, but I've found that window boxes aren't just for windows.

Spring Update

An update of spring tasks and happenings at Green's Organic Farm and Apiary.

Time to Put the Peas In

We got our peas in over the weekend. Peas are easy and rewarding to grow - plant yours today!

Spring Means Peas

One of the first veggies of spring happens to be one of my favorites, peas.

Gardeners Start Your Engines

100-year-old Scarlet Runner Bean seeds from Grandpa will be part of our garden this year. It's almost seed-starting time for gardeners!

Water Water Everywhere Not Likely

California has had the worst drought year in recorded history. If we don't get some rain, farmers won't be the only ones crying the blues.

Seeds Made Just For Me

Rather than choosing one variety of seed, let your little micro-climate choose it for you by growing a landrace!

Building Rome on the Range

They say timing is everything ... they say location, location, location too. We say, we need more rain, fewer weeds, longer days, and a stronger back so we can get the homestead to look the way we want it to look.

Cover Crops

We plant winter rye as fall comes to an end to help add "green manure" to our garden.

Grandma and Grandpa's Farm

The seeds of my journey toward self-sufficiency were planted years ago when I visited Grandma and Grandpa on the farm.

Aunt Wilma’s Dill Pickles

Let me share with you the finer nuances of canning using recipes that have been handed through the generations.