The Abandoned Farmhouse

Do you like to reuse and repurpose? Well, here is a new use for abandoned houses!

The Straw Bale House

You want to build a straw bale house? He'll huff and he'll puff! Oh yeah. We have heard that one before!

Seeds of Joy

Small successes in keeping the cat out of my houseplants.

In Praise of WD-40

The author notes with relish all the amazing things a homesteader can accomplish with WD-40.

Spring Update

An update of spring tasks and happenings at Green's Organic Farm and Apiary.

Saving the Old Chicken House

We think you'll be inspired to keep your old buildings when you read about Todd's ingenuity, perseverance and hard work while saving the old chicken house.

Dear Friends

This building continues to serve us, even after it was razed.

Old Buildings

We read that one need not be hasty in destroying old farm buildings, especially if you can’t afford new ones, as they can often still be used.

I Give Up

A transplant's recognition of the realities of farm life and how to adjust.

The GreenBarn

When space is at a premium, creating a multi-use structure is a must.

A House With History

It was a house that most women would run from, but somehow, I was blind to the mess.