Tick Season Is Upon Us

The author shares her experiences with ticks on the homestead and offers some advice.

Of Mudrooms and Woodstoves

The author extols the virtues of a well-functioning mudroom and the beauty of a woodstove on a cold winter day.

Firewood for the Hearth

Tips on types of wood for firewood, chimney upkeep, and how much firewood to store.

One Thing Led To Another

Reading someone else's blog lead Mary to learn new things like cleaning and seasoning cast iron, and then making toast on a wood-burning stove.

Happy to Be Here

Let me introduce myself in this, my first blog, for the Capper's Farmer family.

Rural Heating With Wood

Heating the rural farmhouse with propane is outrageously expensive. We are learning the art and science of heating with wood ... sometimes the hard way!

To Hang Or Not To Hang

I started hanging clothes five years ago, shortly before we bought the farm, and I just can’t go back to using the dryer again.

The Rhythm of Work

Country life isn't always easy, but it has great rewards. Hard work brings a deep sense of peace and contentment.

Boys and Girls

What happens when you try to show a teenage boy something and you are a preteen girl.

A House With History

It was a house that most women would run from, but somehow, I was blind to the mess.