Spring and Renewal

The ups and downs of life and the hope of renewal in spring's awakenings.

Spring Sprung Splat

Spring's enticing sunny weather can lead us into temptation and planting too early. Mind your frost dates, hardiness zones, and plant requirements!

Garden Giddy

Getting ready for spring planting.

May Day

May Day, lilacs are in bloom, strawberries and asparagus.

Spring Update

An update of spring tasks and happenings at Green's Organic Farm and Apiary.

Signs of Spring

Early spring on Green's Organic Farm and Apiary.

A Renewed Attitude

It is difficult to get in the planting mood in the deep of winter.

Seed Catalog Frenzy

Few things break up the winter doldrums like the arrival of the seed catalogs. Yet it's easy to get carried away ...

Finding Land

We are not impulsive people. We are also opposites, so it is not like us to both want the same thing and at the same time. Yet, here we were, both wanting to buy a piece of land that we had only read about on the internet. Twenty acres with a small red barn.