Homemade Root Beer: Part One

Root Beer is one of the greatest refreshments on a hot muggy day and home made is all that much better.

My Olive Curing Experiment

The fifteen Mission olive trees on our ranch are begging for something to be done with their fruit.

How to Make a Solar Food Dryer

Follow these easy steps to make a solar food dryer, and stop worrying about wasting your excess vegetables.

Scrappy Arches

Old-World archways create an elegant, open flow from one space to another and are much easier to create than you might think!

Onion Stringing

A Newbie (Urban) Farmer learns how to string onions.

Laundry Day, Grandma's Way

Wisconsin's freakishly mild autumn seasons in recent years has extended the laundry-hanging season, and I've added some of my Grandma's techniques for fresh-scented laundry.

Easy Homemade Holiday Gifts

Instead of buying gifts this year, think about making easy homemade holiday gifts for family and friends.

Scrapbook Your Animal Friends

Learn to photograph your farm animal friends, capturing their unique personalities, then turn those photos into beautiful scrapbooks.

Record Your Family History

It's easy to preserve family heritage by interviewing family members and taking notes. Then combine the information you've learned with photos you have, and you've got a piece of history that will last a lifetime.

Scrapbook Your Memories

Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. As with most things, when you have a plan, things tend to go much smoother – and a whole lot quicker.

Crocheting Brings Pleasure and Pride

A woman tells how she learned the art of crochet, and how much she came to love it and began teaching others, including her mother, grandmother, sister, daughter and friends, the art.

Couple enjoy owning antique 'Eleanor' outhouse

“Eleanor” outhouses popped up in the 1930s, the result of a Depression-era work project. Paul and Mary Beth McClenon are the proud owners of one of the old-fashion privies still standing in Atchison County, Kan.

Crafts: Personalize a photo album

For the look of a scrapbook without all the time and expense, embellish your photo albums using one of these easy tips.

Crafts: Embellishments give character to scrapbook pages

Scrapbooking is a way of preserving life's special moments, and to make them even more memorable, embellish your scrapbook pages with items such as appointment cards, party favors, napkins and more from all your special events and occasions.

Television switchover arrives Feb. 17

As the digital television transition grows near, subscribers to cable or satellite services may be ready, while others may need to purchase converter boxes. Find out if you are eligible for a coupon, and learn about multicasting and the picture and sound improvements the switchover will bring.

Crafts: Card-Making

Card-making is the perfect way to express your feelings for others in a unique, creative way. Holidays, birthdays and other special occasions are preserved in our memories forever through cards and photos.

Crafts: Making a family memory journal

Having a family memory journal, in which you write down occasions attended, the names of the people who were there, and things about the day that made it fun, will be useful when adding journaling to scrapbook pages.

Gift Baskets

Create a gift basket for those on your holiday gift list by selecting a theme and adding items you know interest the person, such as items they collect or that is a hobby of theirs.

'Reflect' and 'Treasures' tags

Whether young or old, you'll enjoy making tags for your scrapbook pages to give creativity to your layout.

Crafts: Collecting American coins

Coin collecting is a great hobby if you live in the United States. In most denominations there are some really interesting coins.

Family Time Can be Scrapbooking Time

Involving kids in scrapbooking is a wonderful way to spend family time together. Depending on the age of your kids, they can help you with your album or they can create albums of their own.

Muffin Candle

With candle making, there are hardly any limits.

Feature: Many avenues open to those looking to trace their family roots

A recent morning found neighbors Loree Carlton and Kathy Kinn visiting the Midwest Genealogy Center in Independence, Mo., together. The two, who live in Raymore, Mo., were at the center to dig deeper into their respective family histories - a pastime both have worked at for years.

State Quarter

The Alaska Quarter, the 49th coin in the 50 State Quarter Program, will be released this month.

State Quarter

The Arizona Quarter, the 48th coin in the 50 State Quarter Program, will be released this month.


Postcard collections add a unique stamp to your home

State Quarter

The New Mexico Quarter, the 47th coin in the 50 State Quarter Program, will be released April 7.

2008 Dollar Coins

The Treasury Department unveiled the designs of this year’s presidential dollar coins.

State Quarter

The Oklahoma Quarter, the 46th in the 50 State Quarter Program, will be released this month.

With some ingenuity, gourds can become unique decorations

Gourds may look like odd, lumpy vegetables, but to some people, they present a world of decorative possibilities. Ruth Nix, of Camden, Ark., can turn the humble veggies into works of art. She got her start some four years ago, after seeing her first display of painted gourds at a craft show.

Colorful, wooden Dala horses a recognizable symbol of Sweden

When asked what they know about Sweden, many people might say that they remember its flag is bright blue and yellow, or that the country has a king. They may say that reindeer live there and the weather there is cold. However, it would be hard to think of a more widely recognized symbol of the country than the small, red wooden horses that have become associated with the Swedish people.