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by Louis L'amour
Item # 4285

Format: Paperback 


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This set includes seven novels by prolific western writer Louis L'Amour:

Tucker - His father always said he was a boy heading for trouble. Now Shell Tucker has something to prove.

Milo Talon - Jefferson Henry hired Milo to hunt down a missing girl. But from the moment Milo began his search he knew something wasn't right.

Kilrone - When Major Frank Paddock and Barnes Kilrone were young officers, they both fell in love with the same woman. Now they are in exile in the American West.

Shalako - Shalako Carlin knew he could live the nomadic life he'd chosen only as long as he moved with care. About women, he thought little — until he met Irina Carnarvon.

Catlow - Ben Cowan and Bijah Catlow had been friends since childhood. Now one is an outlaw, the other a U.S. Marshal.

To the Far Blue Mountains - This is the unforgettable tale of a man who, after returning to his homeland, discovers that finding his way back to America may be impossible.

Free! Long Ride Home - These short vintage frontier stories introduce you to lawmen and loners, ranchers and renegades, gunslingers, cardsharps, bank robbers and other L'Amour characters.

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