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by Alan and Gill Bridgewater
Item # 4697

Format: Paperback  

ISBN: 978-1-56975-568-6

Pages: 192

Copyright Year: 2009

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Global warming. Rising fuel prices. Dependency on foreign energy. Never have so many Americans been more motivated to invest in renewable energy right in their residence. Leaving the technical jargon and contractor's lingo behind, this book offers clear, practical solutions that any homeowner can put to use right now.

Cutting through the confusing requirements and costs, this book allows average homeowners to find solutions that best fit their setup, lifestyle and budget by explaining each possible energy solution with clear, practical illustrations and straightforward descriptions.

From which type of solar panel fits your roof and sun exposure to finding the most efficient part of your yard to set up a small wind turbine, Renewable Energy for Your Home is packed with information. It shows how to determine if geothermal energy is an option, and includes hints, tips and do-it-yourself techniques to reduce carbon footprints and save on ever-rising energy bills.

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